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Over the years there has been much speculation and many anecdotal/folklore stories have been told relating to when certain families settled at Caplin Bay. It has been difficult to determine the validity of these tales since documented references are few and far between. My goal in analyzing these tales has been to try to verify certain events and the existence of people mentioned in the various pieces of family and community folklore. In the charts linked to this page, I have addressed these controversial issues from two perspectives. The Surname Charts show the approximate time-frames in which I determined, or deduced, that certain individuals became permanent settlers. Likewise, the Location Charts show where these settlers are known to have lived at Caplin Bay, initially and in later generations.

Information for the charts that follow has been extracted from surviving records, in particular old Voters Lists, land deeds, indentures, wills, court records, etc. and several secondary documents, such as early St. John's newspapers and the Journals of the Newfoundland House of Assembly. Precise dates are few, so the effort here has been to narrow down the dates to the most likely decade that marks a family's presence at Caplin Bay. The loss of primary records such as the early church records for Ferryland Roman Catholic Parish, (established in 1789, but surviving back only to 1870) has made the overall task very difficult. However, the presence of some life events, relating to Caplin Bay families, recorded in the surviving Fermeuse/Renews, Witless Bay, and St. John's church records have helped fill the void left by the absence of the Ferryland church records.


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