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legal seal

By His Excell'y Mol. Shuldham Esq.r Governor???

of Fishing Works
to Thos. Nash
& R. McGraugh
in Capling Bay.
Whereas it has been represented to me by James Howell Jones Esq.r my Surrogate, that Thomas Nash and Roger McGraugh Boatkeepers, have during the course of the last Winter, cleared a Vacant piece of Ground Situated on the Southwest side of Capling Bay, from the North side of Deep Cove to the Quay, and Built thereon a Fish Stage, Flakes and other Conveniences neccessary for carrying on a Fishery. And the said Thomas Nash and Roger McGraugh having represented to me, that they intend to Extend the said Fishing Works on the said Vacant Room? and Prayed to be secured in the Possession thereof to their own use & Benefit. And as no Person [several words unreadable due to damage] to the Soil of this land /without a Patent from the Crown/ to with-hold it from being used for the Fishery.

The said Thomas Nash & Roger McGraugh are hereby authorized to Build, Cutout or make any Stages, Cookrooms, Trainfats, Flakes, or other Fishing Conveniences on the said Vacant Room/if is is not Ships Room/ and all the Stages, Cookrooms, Trainfats, Flakes & other Fishing Conveniences, which they may Build, Cutout or make on such Vacant Room, they shall Enjoy to their own use & Benefit, without any disturbance for from any Person or Persons whatsoever, according

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  to the 7th Article of the Act of the 10th & 11th of William the 3rd, commonly called the Fishing Act they conforming to the Rules prescribed by the said Act, particularily the 9th Article thereof, which requires a Fishing Certificate for the Companies Employed by them.

But it is to be observed that they not on any account to Erect any Buildings whatsoever in the aforesaid Deep Cove, or Claim any Right thereto to the Annoyance or hindrance of any Ships or Vessels from Wooding, Watering, or Brewing, being the most Convenient Place for that Purpose.
Given under my Hand &
Seal at St. Johns, this 25th
September 1773
M. Shuldham
By His Excellency's Comm[and]
Edw.d Bragg

Transcriber's Notes:
1/ The LS is Latin for Locus Sigilli. While it translates to English as "place of/for the seal", it is often deemed to stand for "Legal Seal".
2/ There are superscripted letters written after the word Governor but they are undecipherable.
3/ This document has some damage which renders some areas of the writing illegible.
4/ Trainfats (aka train vats) were structures built to facilitate the rendering of codfish livers into oil.

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