Surrogate Court Records - Ferryland


John Baker (on behalf of David Sweetland), Lease to James Walsh.

This Indenture made 10 April 1805 between Jno Baker for & in behalf of David Sweetland by virtue of his Power invested in me on the one part and James Walsh on the other part Witneseth that the said John Baker for & in consideration of the yearly Rent hereafter mentioned has leased out unto the said James Walsh his heirs & assigns all that plantation on the north side of Caplin Bay known by the name of Audleys plantation from the date hereof & during the terms of seven fourteen or Twenty [one] Years he or they paying therefor[e] yearly & every Year one Quintal of Merchantable Cod fish during the said terms of 7, 14, or 21 Years.

                          In Witness whereof we the parties
                          above mentioned have hereunto set their
                          hands & seals in Ferryland this day             
                           & year above written.                                          

Witness present                                                                                                                    John Baker   
Patt Evoy                                                                                                                                  James X Walsh

                  A schedule to be anexed to the within lease & its further agreed by the within mentioned parties that at the expiration of the within 7, 14, or 21 Years that it shall be at the will of the said James Walsh & John Evoy to hold the said plantation for the term of seven fourteen or Twenty one Years longer & as long afterwards as they the said James Walsh & John Evoy shall think proper paying the within mentioned Rent.

As Witness my hand in           
Ferryland this 28 June 1805

             John Baker             

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