Surrogate Court Records - Ferryland


Statement of money paid by John Evoy to George Lilly (attorney for Shannon Livingston &Co.) on behalf of James Walsh.

In Consideration of John Evoy Ferryland planter paying to me George Lilly, of Saint Johns attorney to the trustees of Shannon Livingston of the Sum of Twenty Pounds Sterling on account of James Walsh of Ferryland aforesaid for the Balance due of the said James Walsh for which a security on his Premises was granted to Shannon Livingston &Co. I do, by these presents exonerate and discharge the said James Walsh from all claims and demands which may be made on him from any Person or Persons acting for me on behalf of this Said estate or for any matter or thing whatsoever touching and concerning the Said debt.
St. Johns Newfoundland
Twentieth of November One Thousand
Eight Hundred and Seventeen
Robert Wakeham
Geo. Lilly
atty to the estate
of Shannon Livingston

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