Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills 1744 - 1859


Some of the earliest surviving documents in Newfoundland are contained in twenty-two volumes under the title Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills - 1744 to 1859. They contain an assortment of documents, including wills, land deeds, land transfers, marriage settlements, discharge certificates and other miscellaneous papers. An alphabetical index is filed with the volumes. However, the index appears to list only the principal party involved in having the document drawn up, and therefore does not cross-reference other parties involved.

These volumes are presently housed at the Registry of Deeds, 59 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's, under the administration of the Commercial Registrations Division of the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are accessible to the general public and may be searched free of charge. Photocopies may be obtained for a small fee per page.



Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills 1744 - 1859

Documented land transactions at, or pertaining to residents of, Caplin Bay.

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