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Matthew Morry to Patrick Cain

This Indenture made and agreed upon this second day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three Between Matthew Morry of Capelin Bay in the Southern District of Newfoundland of the one part and Patrick Cain of the same place planter of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of twenty four pounds currency in hand paid by the said Patrick Cain to the said Matthew Morry at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof doth hereby appear, he the said Matthew Morry for himself his heirs and assigns (Hath??) these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, and assign to the said Patrick Cain his heirs Executors, Administrators and assigns all that piece or parcel of ground and plantation formerly in the occupation of William Broderick deceased and now in the possession of the said Patrick Cain situated in Capelin Bay aforesaid bounded on the North East by the public road leading from Cape Broyle to Ferryland, on the SE by land in possession of Patrick Clancey on the North West by land granted to Benjamin Sweetland and on the SW by ungranted land.

To have and to hold the said piece or parcel of Ground and Plantation together with all the appurtenances, and Privileges thereunto belonging to him the said Patrick Cain his heirs and assigns for ever.

           In Witness whereof the said Matthew Morry has hereunto set his hand and Seal the day and year first before written.

Signed Sealed and                                                  Matthew Morry     LS
delivered in
presence of
                 Jno Stephenson

           Received from Patrick Cain the sum of twenty four pounds Currency being the consideration Money within mentioned to be paid by him.

                                                   Matthew Morry
          Jno Stephenson

S. Johns}          Newfoundland
  To Wit}
                        John Stephenson of S. Johns aforesaid Esquire maketh oath and saith that he was present and did see Matthew Morry named in the annexed Deed sign Seal and as his act and Deed deliver the same on the day of the date thereof.

Sworn at S. Johns this
twentieth day of November
AD 1843                          Jno Stephenson

          George Simms
                   Com. of affidavits

            I do hereby Certify that the foregoing Indenture from Matthew Morry to Patrick Cain was duly Registered by me this twenty second day of November AD one thousand eight hundred and forty three.

George Simms

Transcriber's Notes.
1/ The term LS means Legal Seal.
2/ The term Indenture refers to a deed to which several persons are parties, in which each assumes corresponding obligations.

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