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John Rossiter to Thomas Lackey

Know all Men by these presents that I John Rossiter do acknowledge to have sold to Thos Lackey my right title and Interest of a dwelling House and garden at the North side of Caplin Bay which true and lawfully belong to me for the sum of fifteen pounds Sterling money of great Britain which sum is to be paid in presence of the under signed witnesses part to be paid when he receives possession of the said premises as witness my hand in Caplin Bay this 11th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and forty two.

Witnesses present
        Patrick Evoy                                                                       John Rossiter
       James Walsh                                                                       Thomas Lackey

Be it remembered that on the day and year within written peaceable and quiet possession of the dwelling House and Garden within mentioned was given by the within named John Rossiter to the withhin named Thomas Lackey by the said John Rossiter delivering to him the said Thomas Lackey and putting him unto the undisturbed possession of the whole of the said dwelling House. In the presence of us.

Patrick Evoy                                       
James Walsh                                       


Southern District}
Ferryland To Wit}

           Patrick Evoy of the north side of Caplin Bay in the District of Ferryland Planter maketh oath and saith that he was present and did see John Rossiter then residing in Caplin Bay aforesaid Planter duly sign execute and deliver the paper writing of Bill of Sale hereunto annexed and that the signature of John Rossiter set and subscribed to the said paper writing is of the own proper hand writing of him the said John Rossiter and that the signature of Patrick Evoy and of James Walsh set and subscribed as witnesses to the due execution thereof are of the respective proper handwriting of him this Deponent and of Patrick [James?] Walsh of Caplin Bay aforesaid fisherman.

And this Deponent further saith that he was also present and did see Thomas Lackey the Bargainee deliver to John Rossiter the Bargainor of the premises the subject matter of the said Bill of Sale a parcel of Dolears? part of the consideration money agreed to be paid for the said Premises which occured at the time of the possession thereof was given up to the said Thomas Lackey by the said John Rossiter manner and form aforesaid? on the memorandum on the back of the said Bill of Sale.

Sworn at Ferryland
this 26 th day of October 1844                                                                                    Patrick Evoy
Before Geo. Simms of Nfd.

Received from Thomas Lackey the amount of fifteen pounds Sterling what he was to pay me for my premises in Caplin Bay.
St. Johns November 10th 1843
£15.0.0                                                                                                                             John Rossiter
                    Witness John Murphy

I do hereby Certify that the foregoing Transfer from John Rossiter to Thomas Lackey was duly acknowledged before me on the eighth day of November AD 1844 by John Rossiter party thereto and Registered on the Twenty ninth day of December following.

George Simms

Transcriber's Notes:
1/ The term deponent refers to a person testifying (stating answers in response to questions) at a deposition.

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