Morry Family Papers


Bill of Sale- Patrick Clancy to Sweetland &Co. - 1817

Know all Men by these presents that I Patrk Clancy of Capelin Bay in consideration of the Sum Ninety two pounds to me to be paid on or before the Signing of this which is to be a receipt in full for the said Sum of Ninety two pounds have bargained sold and delivered and by these presents do sell & confirm unto Wm & B Sweetland &Co. my House Gardens & plantation bounded on the western part by the Road leading from the old womans pond to the room occupied by Wm & B Sweetland and on the northern part by the publick Road and on the Eastern part by the premises occupied by James Gregory extending back to the Woods together with an unfinished House or Building thereupon and my two Fishing Skiffs & their crafts and every of them by these presents bargain and sold and confirmed unto the said Wm & B Sweetland &Co. their Executors administrators and assigns for ever.

And I the said Patrk Clancy for my Self my Executors and administrators all and singular the aforesaid property unto the said Wm & B Sweetland &Co. their Executors administrators or assigns against me the said Patrick Clancy my Executors administrators and assigns and against all and every other person or persons whomsoever Shall and will warrant and for ever defend by these presents. and I the said Patrk Clancy have put the said Wm & B Sweetland &Co. in full possession by the delivery to Them of one Crown piece in the name of the Said property at the Sealing and delivering thereof.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal at Capelin Bay this twenty Second day of Novr One thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen.

Witness                                                                         Patrick X Clancy
      Noah Clift                                                                          mark

      It is hereby agreed between Benj Sweetland and Patrick Clancy that Patrick Clancy shall pay Two [Five ?] Shillings and Six pence pr annm for that part of the within mentioned premises occupied by the said Patk Clancy and to occupy the said premises during the pleasure of the said Benj Sweetland &Co.

Benj Sweetland &Co.

Patrk X Clancy         

Court House
Ferryland 4th November 1830

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