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Bill of Sale of Nash's Plantation - 1855

Know All Men By These Presents That I Arthur W. O. Holdsworth Esqr of Dartmouth in the county of Devon, England, For and in consideration of the sum of Sixty Pounds currency to me well and truly paid by Matthew Morry Senr of Caplin Bay in the Island of Newfoundland Merchant, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and do for ever acquit the said Matthew Morry, his heirs executors administrators and assigns Have granted bargained sold assigned and set over for ever All my right title and interest in and to a certain room or plantation situate on the Southside of Caplin Bay and at the time of sale in the possession of the said Matthew Morry known as Nash's plantation and described in the Record Book in the Registrars Office at Ferryland in the Southern district of the Island, as " Nash's from the clift by the waterside N.E. and S.W. back 320 feet from the N.W. front limits by the front S.E. by E. 690 feet from thence S.W. 100 feet, from thence to the extent back S.W. 290 feet with a dwelling House Garden and Meadow" unto the said Matthew Morry his heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever, together with all paths ways privileges & appurtenances whatever thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining.

     To have and To hold the said bargained and sold Plantation with every part and parcel thereof and all privileges and apputenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining unto the said Matthew Morry his heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever.

     In Witness whereof I have by my attorney signed my name and affixed my seal hereto at Saint Johns in the Island of Newfoundland on the fourteenth day of December in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty five 1855.

Signed Sealed and Delivered
in the presence of                                                         Arthur W. O. Holdsworth
                                                                                              by his Attorney
PP LeMessurier                                                                         Nich. Stabb    (his seal)
H. J. Stabb

Received of and from Mr. Matthew Morry the sum of Thirty Pounds Cy on the first day of June 1847 and a further sum of Thirty pounds currency on the 30th of Dec 1848 making together the sum of Sixty Pounds currency being the consideration money as expressed in the foregoing Bill of Sale in full I say received.

£60 Cy                                                        Arthur W.O. Holdsworth by his Attorney
      Witness                                                                         Nich. Stabb
      PP LeMessurier

[On the back of this document is written "Bill Sale of Nash's Plantation"]

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