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Petition for Land Grant by Matthew Morry - 1790

It appears that throughout the 1780s, Matthew Morry, found favor with those appointed to administer government and law and order in Newfoundland. He continued to improve his fishing business at Caplin Bay, and sometime before, or during 1790, he again petitioned for a grant of unoccupied ground at The Beach. In 1790, a favourable decision was received from Jacob Waller, the Surrogate magistrate at Ferryland. He allowed Matthew Morry to "possess the same, so long as you shall employ the said space for the advantage of the fishery". This caveat was identical to the one attached to Governor Campbell's decision for the land granted Matthew in 1784. The court records show that Matthew's right to some of this property may have been challenged in 1792. The Ferryland Supreme Court Actions show that on October 12, 1792, ???? Merton sued Matthew Morry and Co. in a dispute over a piece of ground on the north-side of the pond in Caplin Bay. It appears however, that the surrogate's 1790 decision was upheld.



Decision of Surrogate on Matthew Morry's petition - Ferryland 1790.

By Jacob Waller Esqr Captain                                                        
of His Majesty's Ship Rose and                                                       
Surrogate of Newfoundland from Cape Spear to Cape St. Mary's

Whereas you having represented same by Petition, that carrying on a considerable fishery in this Island, and not having space sufficient to spread your fish on, you have this Summer run a great risque of having a quantity spoiled: And, signifying that you Intend to Extend and Encrease your Concern in the Trade next summer, for that purpose Requesting the Grant of a vacant unoccupied piece of Ground, laying and situate on the North East side of the Pond at the head of Caplin Bay, extending in length, from the centre of the Beach that separates the said pond from the Bay, one hundred and twenty five yards to the southward and backwards from the side of the pond, one hundred and twenty five yards likewise, at same time intimating that you are desirous of having the Flakes and other necessary Buildings Erected on this same against next Fishing Season.

I do therefore hereby Grant you Matthew Morry (provided his Excellency the Governor has no objection thereto) to quietly and peaceably possess the same, so long as you shall Employ the said space for the advantage of the Fishery.

Given under may Hand and Seal    
on board His Majesty's Ship the    
Rose at Ferryland 13th Septr 1790

Jacb Waller (seal)    

[On the back of this document, in pencil, is written "Grant of Meadow on the North Side 1790"]

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