Will of Richard Reddigan, April 4, 1872


In the name of God - Amen

I, Richard Reddigan, believing myself to be on the point of death but having full use of my sences do intend making a settlement on sutch property as it have pleased god to leave me in possession of and first recommending myself to god.

I bequeath to my son Richard Reddigan and his cousin Martin Reddigan the water side from the present fishing room to Walshes bounds.

The land I bequeath to my son Michaels children, Richard and John when they come of age. Also the fishing room to my son Michael and his sons. The land on the North side of the Public road I leave to my cousin Martin and to my Daughter Ellen my Bed.

Witness whereof I have set my hand this fourth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred and seventy two.

Richard X Reddigan

Witnesses Andrew Keough
                 Thomas Condon

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