A baptismal name and surname of England, Ireland, and Scotland from Old French barrí - rampart, later applied to the suburb below the rampart or from the French place name in various localities; also in Ireland for ÓBáire or ÓBeargha; and in Scotland from the Scots place name Barry (Angus). (Withycombe, Reaney, Black, MacLysaght). Found by Spiegelhalter in Devon, by Matthews in Dorset, and by MacLysaght widespread in Ireland "though still more numerous in Munster than elsewhere."



At Ferryland: District Court Actions: September 17-30, 1788 - Barry, John - Fined £5 for his part in the religious riot of 1788.
  District Colonial Records: October 22, 1788, Barry, William - This Agent was granted a piece of ground in Cape Broyle for his company: Kough, Thomas and George.
  Surrogate Court Records: ????, 1802 - Vallance, Christopher - Sued: Barry, Michael.
  Surrogate Court Records: January 12, 1818 - Carter, Samuel G. and Co. - Sued for a debt owed: Barry, Michael.
At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - William Barry.
Of Caplin Bay: Journal of the House of Assembly - Newfoundland - 1848, APPENDIX, Page 285 - Road Reports - Road Work Contracts From Cape Broyle to Ferryland (Oct. 1, 1843) - Contractor - Michael Barry - 160 perches at 2s. 1d. per perch. Contract value £16 13 4.
  Journal of the House of Assembly - Newfoundland - 1848, APPENDIX, Page 355 - "A Return specifying the number of persons relieved in the Southern division of the District of Ferryland, between the 1st day of October 1847, and the 14th day of December 1848" ...... Caplin Bay... - Michael Barry, 15 days - paid £0 10 0.
  Journal of the House of Assembly - Newfoundland - 1853, APPENDIX, Page 381 - Miscellaneous - Amounts Paid to Shipwrecked Sealers in the Year 1852 - Michael Barry, several other Caplin Bay men, and rest of crew mainly from the Southern Shore area (shipwrecked crew members of the Maria Grace of St. John's - owned by E. and N. Stabb) - paid £0 8 8 each to assist them in getting back home.
  Journal of the House of Assembly - Newfoundland - 1854, APPENDIX, Page 158 - Detailed Account of Expenditures - Road Work Contracts - Contractors - Michael Barry, Ferryland to Caplin Bay - £1 19 0.
At St. John's: Royal Gazette: July 3, 1855 - Barry, John - Inquest at St. Mary's Bay on the body of this resident of Caplin Bay. He was one of the crew members of a boat belonging to Mr. Morry of Caplin Bay, which capsized while netting capelin.
  Supreme Court: June 2, 1858 - Michael Barry, of Caplin Bay, granted rights to administer the estate of his unmarried uncle, William Barry, who had died there on May 24 of that year, without leaving a will.
  Vital Statistics: - Oct 28/1898 - Michael Barry, Dx [diagnosis] General Decay, age 81 years (fisherman), born Caplin Bay, Buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in St. John's. It is unclear if Michael lived at St. John's in the later years of his life. While research showed that he may have had family there, sometimes people who died in a city hospital or infirmary were buried there because they had no family to cover the expense of transporting them back to their hometown for burial.
Family History: Various records indicate the presence of the Barry surname in the Ferryland area from 1788 onward, but in the Ferryland District Census of 1800, there was no one with the Barry surname recorded in any of the settlements. Strangely, the Barry surname did not surface at Caplin Bay until the 1840s when Michael Barry was recorded in the Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland. Michael was reported to have completed a couple of contracts for roadwork that he had undertaken in the Ferryland area. While Michael Barry was never a voter, William Barry was an eligible voter at Caplin Bay starting in 1849 and onward to 1859. Although William was still recorded as an eligible voter for 1859, on or about June 2, 1858, Michael Barry initiated an estate petition in Supreme Court at St. John's to administer the estate of William Barry, his unmarried uncle. Michael stated that his uncle had died at Caplin Bay, on the 24 of May 1858, without leaving a will. The details given in his petition indicate that Michael Barry was the son of Patrick Barry, the brother of the deceased William Barry. Nothing else is known or recorded about Patrick Barry, although it appears that he and his family had lived at Caplin Bay, probably since the second decade of the 1800s.
  Michael Barry's estate petition identified that he had two sisters, Julia and Bridget, who were married and living at Caplin Bay. Earlier on in my research, I was made aware that Thomas Ryan of Caplin Bay was purportedly married to Julia Barry. Based on her Newfoundland Vital Statistics death record, Julia was born at Caplin Bay in about 1814. Her sister, Bridget Barry, married Thomas Maher, (aka Meagher) of Conception Bay in the mid-1850s. It appears that John Barry, who drowned in 1855, was another son of Patrick Barry. The petition identified that Michael Barry also had another deceased brother, Robert. The surviving petition documents and a review of the St. John's baptism records indicate that Michael's brothers, John and Robert, (both married to women named Mary), had lived at St. John's since the 1840s. Michael also had one surviving brother, William Barry, (wife Bridget), who was living and fishing out of St. John's at the time of his petition. There is no record of the Barry surname at Caplin Bay in Lovell's 1871 Directory, indicating that Michael may have moved out of there in the 1860s.
  Although there seems to have been a close relationship with the (O')Brien family of Caplin Bay, no evidence of kinship was found. (O')Brien descendants claim that in Denis (O')Brien's house, there was an heirloom, a mug that was referred to as Mick Barry's mug. The area in Caplin Bay where the (O')Brien family lived (earlier known as Wren's Nest) would have been near the Barrys, so they may have just been close neighbours. Although no bill of sale/deed was found, and no one has identified the original owners of the (O')Brien house and property, I have wondered if it may have been that of the Barry family.

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