A surname of Ireland (O) Bolan(d), Ó Beolláin, formed from a Norse personal name, with "The addition of the D at the end of the name.... an anglicized affectation of the French family names Bol(l)and, Bouland containing the elements boll - friend, brother and land - country; or as Bol (l) and from the English place name Bowland (pronounced Bolland) (Lancashire). (Dauzat, Bardsley, Ekwall). There may possibly be confusion with BULLEN. Traced by MacLysaght in Cos. Connacht and Clare and by Bardsley in Lancashire and neighbouring counties.



At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: Oct. 9 1819 - John Bolan sued the insolvent company Benning and Huolahan for money owed.
  District Court Actions: December 21, 1831 Bolin, Thomas Charged with assaulting: Murphy, Michael
  District Court Actions: February 23, 1835 Bolin, John Member of petty jury in Mahan vs Connors
  Voter's List for Ferryland: 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - John Bolan.
  Lovell's 1871 Directory for Ferryland: John Bolan, fisherman.
Of Caplin Bay: Fermeuse/Renews Marriage Records: Feb. 14 1838 - Thomas Boland, [from] Ireland married Johanna [Clancy], Capelin Bay. Witnesses: Michael Howley & Mary ????.
At Caplin Bay Voter's Lists: 1840 - John Bolan - 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - John Bolan and Thomas Bolan.
  Lovell's 1871 Directory for Caplin Bay: Robert Bolan, fisherman & Thomas Bolan, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1894 Directory: John Boland, of John, fisherman; Patrick Boland, Jr., fisherman; James Boland, fisherman; Robert Boland, fisherman; John Boland, of Robert, fisherman; John Boland, of Patrick, fisherman; John J. Boland, of Robert, fisherman; John Boland, of Thomas, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1898 Directory: Robert Boland, fisherman; John J. Boland, (Robt.), fisherman; William Boland, fisherman; Patrick Boland, fisherman; John Boland, (Patrick) fisherman; Peter Boland , fisherman; John Boland (John), fisherman; Patrick Boland, fisherman; Joseph Boland, fisherman; John Boland (Thos.), fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1904 Directory: John Boland of John, fisherman; Patk. Boland of John, fisherman; Joseph Boland, fisherman; Edward Boland, fisherman; Robert Boland, fisherman; J. Joseph Boland, fisherman; William Boland, fisherman; Patrick Boland Sr, fisherman; John Boland of Patk., fisherman; Peter Boland, fisherman; Jn. Boland of Thomas, fisherman.
Family History: Research suggests that the ancestors of some of the Bolands may have first settled at Ferryland on property near Scoggin's Farm, aka "The Priest's Farm". It is not evident from the surviving records if John Boland of Ferryland was related to either of the two Boland families who settled at Caplin Bay. Likewise, there is no clear indication of the kinship, if any, between those two families, however Thomas Boland (m. Johanna Clancy) and John Boland (m. Mary Cain?) both lived on the south side of Caplin Bay in the area then known as the Wren's Nest. Records indicate that both Patrick Clancy and Patrick Cain either lived (or owned property) along the hillside ascending towards Deep Cove on the road to Ferryland. While most of the Boland descendants stayed in the Caplin Bay area, Thomas Boland (of John) who married Ann Olderidge of Cape Broyle in 1871, moved his family to St. John's likely in the 1890s. Then in 1904, Thomas, Ann and most of their extended family moved to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. While some of their family lived out their lives in Nova Scotia, several of then eventually emigrated to the USA. It appears that individuals with the Boland surname, who trace their roots to Caplin Bay/Calvert, are descendants of John Boland, since Thomas' male line appears to have died out with the death of his grandson, Arthur Boland, who did not have any children.
Present Status: Boland is one of the more prevalent surnames in Calvert and probably the largest concentration of this surname in Newfoundland. Although the overall population of Calvert has declined, there is still a strong presence of the Boland surname there. Due to outmigration, Boland descendants with roots at Caplin Bay/Calvert can also be found in other parts of Newfoundland, the rest of Canada and the USA.

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