Surnames of England and Ireland, in England ? from the personal name Baldric, from Old German Baldarich, containing the elements balda - bold and ricja - rule, "introduced into England at the time of the Norman Conquest" (Withycombe); in Ireland Ó Bruadair, "from the Norse forename" (MacLysaght). See also BROADERS and BROTHERS. (Bardsley, MacLysaght). Traced by Matthews as captains in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall; by MacLysaght in Cos. Cork and Kilkenny.



At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: December 4, 1819 - Brien Cashin sued Matthew Morry &Co. for wages owed. William Brodrick testified that Brien Cashin actually fished for: Sweetland &Co. Brien Cashin's witness was his brother, John, who also fished at Caplin Bay.
  Supreme Court Records: November 1-11, 1826 - Brodrick, William - Foreman of Petty Jury.
  Supreme Court Records: October 10, 1831 - Brodrick, William - Constable in Caplin Bay.
  Supreme Court Records: October 10 - 14, 1831 - William Cahill, Nicholas Chamberlain, John Dullanty, and John Hines, were charged with larceny and with stealing seven mackerel from a net belonging to: Brodrick, William.
  Supreme Court Records: September 15, 1832 - Brodrick, William - Constable.
  Supreme Court Records: October 14, 1833 - Brodrick, William - Constable.
  District Court Actions: January 1, 1834 - Brodrick, William - Appointed constable for Caplin Bay.
At Caplin Bay: Will of John Morry - December 24, 1828 - mentioned that "Mr. Broderick will mend the herring nets, two on a Barrow in the store loft and 1 in the craft".
  Southern District 1825 - 1888, Volume 3 - Page 3 - June 24, 1836 - William Broderick, witness to the sale of property by Matthew Morry to (Rev.) Timothy Browne and Benjamin Sweetland (in trust for Matthew Whelan, his wife Margaret Whelan and their children).
  Southern District 1825 - 1888, Volume 3 - Page 238 - November 2, 1843 - Property of William Broderick ("deceased") sold to Patrick Cain ("of the same place, planter") by Matthew Morry.
Family History: William Broderick appears to have lived at Caplin Bay for a number of years in the early decades of the nineteenth century. The first mention of his name was in 1819, in relation to a civil suit initiated by Brien Cashin to recover wages allegedly owed him by Matthew Morry &Co. Mr. Broderick was obviously considered a respected and reliable person since he served as the foreman of a jury, and for a period of time he was a constable. Records suggest that he was an employee of Matthew Morry &Co., likely over several decades.
  It is presumed that William Broderick was Irish, but this presumption is not based on any recorded fact, but on the usual ethnicity of his surname in Newfoundland. It is likely he died between 1836 and 1840, since his name does not appear in the first surviving Voter's List of 1840. The property that he had occupied at Caplin Bay was sold in 1843, by Matthew Morry (II). It is not known if William was ever married. There is no evidence of any sons, nor is there any indication that there may have been any females in his family who could have married into other Caplin Bay families.

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