A surname of England and Ireland, ? from the Old English personal name Can(n)a, as in Cannington (Devon), or in Ireland also ? for Ó Canáin, or as a synonym of (O) Cannon, Ó Canáin, Ir. cano - wolf-cub. (Guppy, MacLysaght). Canning was traced by Guppy in Hampshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire, and by MacLysaght in Cos. Derry, Westmeath and Offaly.



At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: November 8 1820 - Samuel G. Carter sued the estate of Martin Cannon.
  Surrogate Court Records: April 30 1821- Thomas Cannon sued William and Nicholas Molloy for malpractice because of the loss of his arm.
  Voter's List for Ferryland: 1840 - 1859 - Thomas Cannon.
At Caplin Bay: Ferryland Marriage Records: Nov. 11 1892 - Alfred Canning (28) married Mary Swane (23). Witnesses: Thomas Swane and Charlotte Ann Swane.
  McAlpine's 1894 Directory: Alfred Canning, fisherman & William Canning, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1898 Directory: Alfred Canning, fisherman.
  Newfoundland Census 1921: Alfred Canning of Ferryland b. Dec. 1865 & Mary Canning of Caplin Bay b. June 1864.
Family History: The Cannon family settled in Ferryland in the early 1800s. The spelling of the surname started to change to Canning in the mid 1800s, but earlier documents usually recorded it as Cannon. In everyday use however, the name was generally pronounced as Cannon, even in recent times. Based on some old surviving letters held by the Morry family, it appears that Alfred Canning, from Ferryland, was taken in by Mrs Eliza Morry (widow of Matthew Morry III) of Caplin Bay, after his mother died. It is not known how old Alfred was when he came to Caplin Bay. He was raised in the Morry home, and eventually married Mary Swain, granddaughter of Robert Swain, one of the earliest settlers at Stone Island. Even after his marriage, he continued to live with Miss Lizzie Morry, daughter of Matthew Morry III, in the house known as Athlone Cottage. Alfred Canning, and later on his son Leonard, cared for Miss Morry, the last of that family at Calvert, until she died in 1930 at the age of 85 years.
Present Status: The Canning surname died out in Calvert in the 1980s with the deaths of Leonard and Marcella (Clancy) Canning. They had no sons, however they did have six daughters. There are many descendants of the Cannings at Calvert, throughout other parts of Newfoundland and Canada, and the U.S.A.

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