A surname of Scotland and Ireland; in Scotland from the Scots place in Midlothian; in Ireland (Mac) Carbery, Mac Cairbre, ? from the personal name Cairbre - charioteer, or (O) Carbery, Ó Cairbre. MacLysaght traced (Mac) Carbery in Co. Waterford, (O) Carbery in Co. Westmeath.



At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: Oct 14, 1790 - Garret Dalton worked for John Hill and said that stolen fish was found in the house of William Carberry (and others)
  A list of names of all Masters, Servants, and Dieters residing in the District of Ferryland for the Winter of 1799 & Spring of 1800: Matthew Carberry employed by John Carney at Ferryland.
  Surrogate Court Records: June 6, 1818 - Thomas Sweeny accused Matthew Carberry of stealing wood.
  Surrogate Court Records: March 1, 1819 - Thomas Sweeny accused Matthew Carberry of stealing his wood. Found guilty.
At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847 - James Carberry.
Family History: Nothing is known of the Carberry family. The surname did not survive in Caplin Bay and there is no information that indicates that the Caplin Bay Carberrys were related to those shown in earlier Ferryland records. The Carberry surname is not found in any of the later documents in the Ferryland area. It is not known if there were any females in this family that could have married into other Caplin Bay families.

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