KEARNEY, CARNEY, surnames of Ireland, (O) Kearney, Ó Catharaigh - warlike, or Ó Cearnaigh, Ir. cearnach - victorious. (MacLysaght). Traced by MacLysaght in Co. Meath where it is now often changed to FOX, in Cos. Mayo and Tipperary, and as Carney in Connacht.



At Caplin Bay Ferryland Parish RC Marriages: July 16 1887 - Pierce Carney m. Mary Gatherall. Witnesses: Michael Costello and Eliza Gatherall. Priest:L.K. Vereker.
  Newfoundland 1921 Census: - household of John Gatherall - KEARNEY; Catherine, niece, single b. Oct 1892 - age 29 - b. Caplin Bay.
At Witless Bay: McAlpines 1894-97 Directory: Pierce Carney, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1898 Directory: Pierce Carney, fisherman.
Family History: The Carney (sometimes spelled Kearney) family may have lived briefly at Caplin Bay in the late 1880s. However, it appears that Pierce Carney, who was born at Mobile, moved his family to Witless Bay around 1890. No death record could be found for either Pierce or Mary Carney, but the 1921 Newfoundland Census indicates that their daughter, Catherine, was living with her two uncles, John and Joseph Gatherall, at Caplin Bay. Although the census states she was born at Caplin Bay in 1892, no record of Catherine Carney's baptism was found in the Ferryland RC Baptisms. Catherine Carney eventually married John Thomas Boland of Calvert and they had two daughters. Although the Carney surname is long gone from Calvert, there are several families at Calvert and Ferryland who are descendants of Pierce and Mary (Gatherall) Carney.

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