A surname of England and Ireland; in England from the Welsh place name Conway, "one of the few Welsh towns that have originated a surname". (Bardsley); In Ireland, the anglicized form of several Gaelic surnames, Mac Connmhaigh, Ir. condmach - head smashing, Mac Conmidhe - hound of Meath, Ó Conbhiudhe, Ir. con - hound and buidhe - yellow, and Ó Connmhacháin (Bardsley, Cottle, MacLysaght). Traced by MacLysaght in Cos. Clare, Tyrone, Sligo and Mayo.



At Caplin Bay: Ferryland Marriage Records: Nov. 28 1891 - Jeremiah Conway (30) married Elizabeth Gatherall (40). Witnesses: John Power and Ellen Clancy.
Newfoundland Census 1921: Jeremiah Conway - b. Aug. 1871 Age 50 - Heart's Content- T.B.
Southern Shore Death Records: April 11 1923 - Jeremiah Conway - at General Hospital of myocarditis - Caplin Bay - Age 52
Present Status: Jeremiah Conway had no sons, so the surname disappeared with his death in 1923.
Local Place Names: Jerry's Gully. This gully, about five miles inland from Calvert, is supposedly so named because it was a favourite trout fishing spot frequented by Jeremiah Conway.

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