A surname of Ireland, Mac Oisdealbhaigh. "Oisdealb was the name of one of the sons of Gilbert de Nangle, and this is the first example of a Norman family assuming a Mac name. The use of the prefix O is erroneous, though it does occasionally occur in 17th-century records" (MacLysaght). Cottle suggests that Costello is probably "son of Jocelyn" in an Irish form. See NANGLE. (MacLysaght, Cottle). Traced by MacLysaght in Co. Mayo and formerly as Costellow in Sussex by Guppy.



At Caplin Bay: Ferryland Marriage Records: July 12, 1900 - Richard Costello (23) m. Maggie Gatherall (23). Witnesses: Ambrose Sparks and Carrie Brien.
  Ferryland Marriage Records: June 10, 1900 - Fred Costello (25) m. Bridget Sullivan (26) Witnesses: John Costello and Maggie Power.
  Newfoundland Census 1921: Richard Costello b. July 1876 - Cape Broyle - Age 45.
  Newfoundland Census 1921: Fredrick Costello b. July 1874 - Ferryland - Age 47.
Family History: The Costello families who settled in Caplin Bay in 1900 came from two different sources. Richard Costello was born in Cape Broyle. His father, John Costello, is believed to have been born in Conception Harbour, Conception Bay. Fredrick Costello was born in Ferryland where the Costello family goes back to the late 1700s.
Present Status: The Costello surname disappeared from Calvert in the 1970s with the death of Albert Costello, son of Richard Costello.
Local Place Names: Costello's Meadow (aka Johnston's Meadow). This meadow, on the south side of the Gut Pond, was the location where the cattle judging for the annual Calvert agricultural fair that was held in the 1950s/1960s. The old house, which fell to ruin in the 1960s, belonged to Peter Morry, son of William Sweetland Morry before he moved to British Columbia around 1899. The house then became the home of Fredrick Costello (Manager, Allan Goodridge and Sons) and his family. It was a large house and was used by the Costellos at one time as a boarding house. In later years, it was used as a doctor's surgery, before it was vacated and fell to ruin. I believe it was demolished in the 1970s to make way for a boat slipway.

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