A surname of Ireland, Ó Díomasaigh, Ir. Díomsach - proud (MacLysaght). MacLysaght found the name "now numerous in all the provinces."



At Caplin Bay: Ferryland Marriage Records: Jan. 23, 1872 - Dempsey John m. Haly Catherine Witnesses: Robert Swain and Ellen Walsh
Family History: It is not known where Patrick (marriage record shows him as John) Dempsey came from since the Dempsey surname was not found in Ferryland District prior to this time. Patrick Dempsey and Catherine Haly (Healy) had four children between 1873 and 1879. It appears that Catherine may have died shortly afterwards because, in 1881, Patrick Dempsey was purported to be the father of Sarah, a daughter born to Sarah Mills. It is not known if they later married since there is no mention of the name Dempsey in any Ferryland District records after that time.
Local Place Names: Dempsey's Marsh.

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