A surname of Ireland, usually with the prefix Mac except in Co. Wexford, Mac Fhíodhbhuidhe, Ir. ? fíodhbhadach - woodman. (MacLysaght). See also MacEvoy.



At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: December 29, 1794 - Evoy, Elenor - Charged this person with assault: Rowe, Moses.
  Colonial Records: 1795 - Evoy, Michael: Licensed house for selling spiritous liquors: Ferryland.
  Surrogate Court Records: July 21, 1795 - Ryan, Michael: Accused this person of running a bawdy house: Evoy, Elenor.
  Surrogate Court Records: July 21, 1795 - Ryan, Michael: Charged this person and others with assault and battery with stones: Evoy, Elenor.
  Surrogate Court Records: July 21, 1795 - Sullivan, John: Said he was standing in Mr. Carter's garden when he heard Ryan accuse Evoy of being a whore. Later in court, Michael Ryan explained he had spoken from passion because some girls were tormenting him. He was fined £5 and ordered to keep the peace.
  District Court Records: January 7, 1798 - Evoy, Michael: Granted a liquor license for Ferryland.
  District Court Records: June 19, 1798 - Evoy, Michael: Sued for money owing by: Mountain, William.
  District Court Records: July 9, 1798 - Evoy, Michael: Held wages of this person for Thomas Welsh: Furlong, John.
  District Court Records: January 1, 1799 - Evoy, Elenor (Widow): Granted a liquor license for Ferryland.
  Census 1800: James Welsh and wife Elinor. Her children from a previous marriage were: Patrick Evoy - 13, John Evoy - 11, Mary Evoy - 9, Joan (sic) Evoy - 6½, Elinor Evoy- 3½, & Catherine Evoy - 1½.
  District Court Records: April 1, 1803 - McLarthy, Ann: Charged this person with abusing her: Evoy, Patrick.
  Surrogate Court Records - Nov. 20, 1817 - John Evoy - Planter of Ferryland paid Shannon -Levingston money owed by James Walsh. Witness: Robert Wakeham.
  Surrogate Court Records - Nov. 1, 1819 - Patrick Evoy sued Jeremiah Callihan for £89 for the loss his 30 quintal boat. Evoy claimed Callihan was responsible for a mishap in which Callihan's boat ran down Evoy's boat in Caplin Bay, causing the loss of his boat along with the fish and provisions that were on board. Witnesses were Evoy's servants, John Congdon (sic) and John Redmond. Although the court found in Evoy's favour, he was only awarded compensation of £36-13-4.
  Supreme Court Records: November 1-11, 1826 - Sweetland and Morry - Sued: Evoy, Patrick.
  Supreme Court Records: October 23, 1833 - Evoy, Patrick - Sued: Holdsworth, Henry.
At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - Patrick Evoy. A notation after Patrick's name in the 1959 Voter's List says - dead and the very last entry of that Voter's List states: "Power, Joseph son of Wid. Evoy", likely an indication that he was now the male head of the former Evoy household.
At St. John's: RC Basilica - Marriage Records: 1829 - It appears the groom's name was initially recorded as John Evoy but later corrected to read Pat Evoy of Kiplin (sic) Bay) He married Catherine Poor also of Kiplin (sic) Bay. Witnesses: Richard Renigan (sic) and James Walsh. Based on my research, the groom was Patrick Evoy (b. Ferryland?, circa 1787, died Caplin Bay, circa 1861). His witnesses were likely James Walsh, his (half) brother and Richard Reddigan, who was married to his sister, Catherine Evoy.
  Supreme Court Records: August 12, 1831 - Petition re estate of John Evoy of Caplin Bay. In this petition, Patrick Evoy petitioned the Supreme Court to grant him Letters of Administration to the estate of John Evoy, his deceased brother and partner in the fishery. He indicated that John had died at Caplin Bay, in June 1825, unmarried, and without leaving a will.
At Fermeuse: Goodridge Account Books for 1838, 1841, and 1892: 1838 - Avoy, John (likely Patrick?), Fermeuse.
  Fermeuse/Renews RC Baptisms: March 12, 1858 - bapt. Mary Swayne, Mary of Robert Swayne and Ellen Evoy. Sponsors: John Evoy, Ellen Kehoe (Priest) J. Murphy. (This was the Mary Swain who married Sebastian Ledwell.)
Family History: The early Ferryland court records show that Michael Evoy and his wife Elenor (Elinor, Ellen or Nelly in certain documents) were proprietors of a public house in Ferryland throughout the 1790s. However, Michael died in late 1798. Shortly afterward, Elenor married her second husband, James Walsh. They continued to run the pub at Ferryland for several years but eventually moved to Caplin Bay, probably about 1805/1806. It appears that when they moved to Caplin Bay, some or all of Elenor's children moved there with them. Her eldest son, Patrick Evoy, married and had children at Caplin Bay. Her other son John never married; he died at Caplin Bay in 1825.
  In 1838, John Avoy appeared in Goodridge's accounts records. This person was likely Patrick Avoy/Evoy since we know that his brother, John died in 1825. Two decades later, John Evoy was the godfather of Ellen (Evoy) Swain's daughter, Mary. I believe this John Evoy was Ellen's brother. Ellen Evoy, Patrick's daughter, married Robert Swain Jr., son of Robert Swain Sr. one of the early settlers at Stone Island. In 1874, the Ferryland Marriage records show that Thomas Evoy married Catherine Kelly. They had one child, Mary Jane, baptized there in 1878. Again, there not enough details to determine if Thomas was from the Caplin Bay Evoys.
  As indicated in the Supreme Court records, Elenor's second son, John Evoy, never married, and he died at Caplin Bay in 1825. Although the Ferryland 1800 Census shows four Evoy girls in the family, in an 1831 Supreme Court petition Patrick Evoy stated that he had three sisters when his father Michael died and that they were now all married. Unfortunately, he does not identify their whereabouts or the names of their spouses. We know from research that Richard Reddigan married Catherine Evoy, the youngest of Michael and Elenor Evoy's daughters. Catherine Evoy was likely born in 1798 after her father Michael died hence the reason Patrick Evoy stated that there were only three girls in his family when his father died. Catherine and Richard Reddigan settled on land adjacent to James and Eleanor Walsh.

In 2020, research of church records in Halifax, Nova Scotia, identified that Michael and Elenor Evoy's daughter, Joanna, had married James Saunders of Ferryland. They raised a family there but eventually moved to Halifax, likely in the 1830s, accompanied by five daughters and one son. This son, William, never married, but his sisters, Eleanor, Joanna, Catherine, Alice, and Sarah, married, mainly in Halifax, in the 1840s/1850s. Other research suggests that another son, John, may have remained at Ferryland. John Saunders married Catherine Madden of Renews in 1840, moved to St. John's, Newfoundland, then to Halifax, Nova Scotia and later immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, where he and his family were still living in 1865. In 1870, one of Joanna and James Saunders' granddaughters, Annie Emma Affleck, married John Sparrow David Thompson. (Sir) John S.D. Thompson served as premier of Nova Scotia for a brief period in 1882, eventually becoming the fourth Prime Minister of Canada before dying while in office in 1894.
  The Evoy surname disappeared from Caplin Bay with Patrick's death in the late 1850s. However, a few references to a John Evoy who appears to be living at Caplin Bay surfaced in the 1860s. Some later mentions of the Evoy surname appear in the Ferryland church records related to the Thomas Evoy mentioned above. Several families at Calvert trace their ancestry to Michael Evoy and Elenor (Evoy) (Walsh).

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