A surname of England, ? from the English place name Catterall (Lancashire) or an unidentified place in Hampshire, or a nickname. (Reaney, Weekley). Matthews traced Gattrell in Hampshire.



At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846 - Joseph & Stephen Gatherall; 1847 - Thomas, Joseph, & Stephen Gatherall; 1852, 1855 - Joseph & Stephen Gatherall; 1859 - Joseph, John (son of Joseph) & Stephen Gatherall. (a notation after Joseph's name says "moved to Renews".
  Lovell's 1871 Directory: Thomas Gatherall, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1894 Directory: John Getherall, fisherman
  McAlpine's 1898 Directory: John Getherall, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1904 Directory: John Getherall, fisherman
Family History: This surname, believed to have originated in either Devonshire or Hampshire, England, has been associated with the Bay Bulls and Bauline East area of Ferryland District since the eighteenth century. The Gatheralls of Caplin Bay appear to have been a branch of the Bay Bulls Gatherall family. In 1830, Mary Gatherall of Bay Bulls married John Power of Caplin Bay. It is likely that the later presence of Stephen and Joseph Gatherall at Caplin Bay has a direct connection with this marriage. Stephen Gatherall married Honora Mokeler at Bay Bulls in 1833; her death was recorded at Caplin Bay in 1890. Joseph also appears to have married, but his wife's name is unknown.

In the early 1860s, some of the Gatheralls moved from Caplin Bay to Renews. William Gatherall married twice at Renews and raised a family there. His first child was born at Renews in 1863 and his last child was born there in 1877. The notation, in the 1859 Caplin Bay Voter's List is likely an indication that Joseph went there to live with (his son?), William. Sometime after 1877, William moved again, this time to St. John's. He died there in September 1887. The Gatherall surname at Calvert disappeared with the death of Joseph (son of Thomas?), who never married. I could not find a record of his death, but he was still alive in 1935. Although the surname has disappeared from Calvert, there are several families there with roots that connect to this family.
Local Place Names: Gatherall's Hill. The hill near the eastern end of the old Gatherall property, about 1/4 kilometre from The Beach, on the road leading to the north side of Calvert.

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