A baptismal name and surname of England, Scotland, and Ireland, ultimately from the Greek - watchful, though at times confused with the Latin gregarius from grex - flock; the name of at least three saints and of sixteen Popes including St. Gregory the Great. (Withycombe, Reaney, Cottle). Traced by Guppy in the Midlands and Somerset and Wiltshire, by Spiegelhalter in Devon, and by MacLysaght in Kerry in the 17th century and later in Co. Galway.



At St. John's: St. John's Baptisms - Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, 1765 - 1774: William Gregory [of] William & Mary, bap. Sep 22, 1769 - Breckiss (sic)
At Ferryland: Surrogate Court Records: September 13, 1773 - Power and Gregory - Breakus (sic) merchants to seize the assets of - Whalen, William and Power, Nicholas.
  Surrogate Court Records: August 17, 1795 - William Gregory. This Brigus planter complained that certain persons had erected fences across the path from Timber Cove, near Brigus, to a point of land called “Hares Ears”.
  Surrogate Court Records: October 1, 1797 - William Gregory's last will and testament left property and plantations called Turkey Room, Timber Cove Point, and Henry's Cove to his sons John, Thomas, and Simon. He left his boats and fishing gear to sons, Richard and James. He left £40 each to (his daughters?) Elenor Norris and Mary Holly.
  Surrogate Court Records: Nov. 1, 1815 - Records show that James Gregory, a Caplin Bay resident owed money to S.G. Carter & Co.
At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - Peter Gregory.
  Crown Lands - Ferryland District (1833 - 1886): # 2894 - Gregory, Peter - ½ mile North West of Caplin Bay and South West of the main line to Cape Broyle - 1869
  Crown Lands - Ferryland District (1833 - 1886): #3282 - Gregory, Robert (sic) [Peter] - ½ mile North West of Caplin Bay, North of Look Out River - 1871
  Lovell's 1871 Directory: Peter Gregory, fisherman.
  Headstone- Ferryland RC Cemetery: Gregory - James Gregory, died 26 August 1887; 31 yrs. also, father Peter, died 8 June 1872; 52 yrs.
  Headstone - Ferryland RC Cemetery: Gregory - Catherine Gregory, died at Little Bay Mines - 28 June 1884; aged 31 yrs, son Peter Joseph, died ????? , erected by her husband James Gregory.
Family History: James Gregory of Caplin Bay may have been the James Gregory mentioned as a son in the 1797 will of William Gregory of Brigus South. Records indicate that William was a merchant at Brigus South back to at least 1773. A 1769 baptism entry found in the Anglican Cathedral Baptism records, at St. John's, may relate to this same Gregory family, however, it doesn't distinguish which Brigus was this family's hometown. It appears that James Gregory settled at Caplin Bay in the early 1800s and his son Peter, was born there about 1820. In the second decade of the 1800s, court records show that James was in financial difficulty, and was being sued for substantial outstanding debts by several merchants in the area. Although no court record was found, it appears that James may have lost his property at Caplin Bay since, in 1836, a property formerly "known by the name of Gregorys Plantation" was sold there by Matthew Morry, Jr. In 1847, James' son, Peter Gregory first appeared in the Voter's List at Caplin Bay and he is noted there, in various documents, until 1871. An old headstone in Ferryland Holy Trinity Cemetery says Peter Gregory died in 1872.

The old headstone also identifies Peter had a son, James, named for his grandfather Gregory. In the early 1880s, James Gregory, left Caplin Bay with his family, to work in the copper mines at Little Bay Mines in Green Bay, on the western shore of Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. Although James appears to have returned from Little Bay Mines, a headstone in Ferryland Holy Trinity Cemetery indicates that his wife Catherine (Walsh) and his son, Peter Joseph died at Little Bay while he was working there. James Gregory died in 1887, and with his death, the Gregory surname disappeared from Caplin Bay. However, the baptism records for Ferryland indicate that Mary Gregory was married to Patrick Boland and they had a large family, starting in the 1860s through to 1883. Mary, who was born at Caplin Bay about May 1845, had a son named Peter James, a strong indication that this Mary Gregory was very likely the daughter of Peter Gregory, of James Gregory.

Although the Gregory surname died out at Caplin Bay, there are quite a few descendants of Patrick Boland and Mary Gregory at Calvert, other parts of Newfoundland and the rest of Canada.

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