HAYDON, surnames of England, Hayden or Headon of Ireland; in England from a common English place name Haydon, in Ireland (O) Hayden, Ó hEidáin. (Cottle. MacLysaght). Guppy traced Hayden and Haydon in Devon and Hertfordshire; MacLysaght traced (O) Hayden in Co. Carlow.



At Caplin Bay: Robert Carter's Journal: September 30, 1850: Carter reported that he had surveyed land for Thomas Hayden, (location not stated).
  Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1852, 1855 - Thomas Headon, 1859 - Thomas Headen
  Lovell's 1871 Directory: Thomas Headon, fisherman.
  McAlpine's 1894 Directory: Thomas Hayden sr., fisherman, John Hayden, fisherman, Thomas Hayden, jr. , fisherman.
  Southern Shore Death Records: Caplin Bay - October 2, 1898, - Old Age - Thomas Hayden - Ireland - 75
  McAlpine's 1898 Directory: Thomas Hayden, fisherman, John Hayden, fisherman
  McAlpine's 1904 Directory: Thomas Hayden, fisherman, John Hayden, fisherman
Family History: Thomas Hayden was one of the latecomers from Ireland to Newfoundland. He settled at Caplin Bay, in the Deep Cove area, on the south side of the bay. We know that Thomas Hayden's wife's forename was Margaret, but her maiden surname is not known. Since his land was never recorded under a Crown Land grant or recorded in a deed under the Hayden name, it was possibly inherited from his unnamed wife's family.
Present Status: This family surname has disappeared from Calvert over the past couple of decades, but there are descendants at Ferryland and in other parts of Newfoundland. The Haydens of Cape Broyle is an unrelated family whose ancestor moved there from Harbour Grace, Conception Bay.

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