HEALY, surnames of England, (O)Healy, Hely of Ireland; in England from the English place name Healey (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland) or Heeley (Yorkshire); in Ireland for hÉalaighthe - ingenious, in Munster, or Ó hÉilidhe - claimant, in north Connacht. (Ekwall, MacLysaght). Guppy traced Heal(e)y in Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire, and also Heley in Buckinghamshire; MacLysaght traced (O)Healy, Hely in Cos. Cork and Sligo.



At St. John's: RC Basilica - St John's - Marriage Records: January 12, 1827 - Edward Haly (Ferryland) m. Joanna Malone (Ferryland). Witnesses: Gregory Brown & Margaret Malone.
At Ferryland: Voter's List for Ferryland: 1840, 1842- Edward/Edmund Healy- Fox Hill, 1841, - Edward Healy - North Side.
  Crown Land Records: #798 - Healey, Edward - North West Side of Ferryland - 1849.
  Crown Land Records: #3180 - Healey, Edward - North West Side of Ferryland and North East Side of a road to "The Gaze" - 1870.
At Caplin Bay: Ferryland Surrogate Court Records: August 11, 1814 Haley, James; Caplin Bay resident sold house and land at east end of Old Women's Pond to: Sweetland, William. Witness: Graham, Thomas.
  Journal of the Newfoundland House of Assembly - Education Report 1846: Caplin Bay - "This school is kept by a man and his wife for £16 between them". The man is identified as Mr. Heyley.
  Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1844, 1845, 1846, Edward Healey - Gorman(d)s; 1847, 1849, 1852 - Edward Healey - Pond Side; 1855 - Edward Healy - Harbour; 1859 - Edward Haly - Riverhead (the notation "blind" appears after his name).
  Crown Land Records: #3179 - Healey, Geoffrey - North Side of Caplin Bay Road (Pond?) - 1870.
Family History: The early court records show that James Haley (Healey?) sold his property at Caplin Bay to the merchant William Sweetland in 1814. There is no mention of the surname Healey again at Caplin Bay until the Voter's List of 1844. Research indicates that Edward Healey, who was married and living at Ferryland before that time, moved to Caplin Bay and settled in the area called Gormands (Gorman's). This could indicate the property previously occupied by Richard Gorman, or in that general area. There are later listings of him living at Pond Side and Riverhead, but it is difficult to determine which area is being identified, the Old Woman's Pond or Caplin Bay Pond (Gut Pond). It is also interesting to note that, although Edward Healey had left Ferryland, he applied for a grant of land there in 1849; so it seems that he still held onto his property in Ferryland.
  No other Healeys were recorded in the Voter's List at Ferryland after Edward moved in 1842, however there was a Healey family at Aquaforte. In the 1870s, two groups of Healeys were recorded as having children, Andrew in Ferryland and Geoffrey/Jeffrey in Caplin Bay. In addition, Catherine Healey, who married a Dempsey, was also having children at Caplin Bay in the 1870s. There was a son named Edward in each of these three families. The baptism records show that Andrew, John, and Jeffrey Healey were godfathers for three of the Dempsey children. Thomas Foley, who was married to Mary Healey, was also a godfather for one of Jeffrey's children, so there appears to be a pattern of kinship amongst these families.
Jeffrey's property that he registered in a grant in 1870 was located near the falls on the north west side of Caplin Bay Pond (usually referred to as the Gut Pond), but it is not known if this was the property occupied earlier by Edward Healey. This area at the head of the pond is still known as Bawnmore (Irish for great green field), a place that was mentioned as the property location of John O' Brien around 1830, although not necessarily the same piece of land.
  Jeffrey Healy moved from Caplin Bay to St. John's sometime after 1881. He is not listed at Caplin Bay (or area) in McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory. McAlpine's 1898 Directory - St. John's City Directory -- Pages 236 - 247 lists: Healey, Jeffery, laborer, h 53 Fleming; Healey, Edward, laborer, bds 53 Fleming; Healey, Thos, laborer, bds 53 Flemming. The Dempsey family may have left Caplin Bay around the same time, but no later record was found of them.
  Andrew was the only Healy listed at Ferryland in Lovell's Directory of 1871. Although a land grant in the name of Edward Healey was recorded in 1870 at Ferryland, it appears more likely that this grant was actually for Andrew. Edward was noted as being blind in the 1859 Caplin Bay Voter's List (probably as an update some time in the early 1860s), but it is not actually known when he died.
Local Place Names: Jeffrey's Falls. A reference to the waterfall where the river flows into the Gut Pond, named in all likelihood for the adjacent property owner, Jeffrey Healey.

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