HOLLAHAN, HOLLIHAN, HOLLOHAN, HOULAHAN, HOULIHAN, variants of the surname of Ireland, (O) Hoolahan, Ó hUallacháin, Ir. uallach - proud, of which seventeen variants have been recorded. (MacLysaght). See also HOLLAND, NOLAN. MacLysaght traced (O) Hoolahan in Co, Clare and mid-Leinster, Houlihan in Munster, Holohan in Co, Kilkenny, and Nolan as a frequent synonym in north Connacht.



At Caplin Bay: A list of the names of all the Masters, Servants, and Dieters residing in the district of Ferryland for the Winter of 1799 & Spring 1800: Capeland Bay - David Houlahan - dieter working for Michael Power.
  Voter's List for Caplin Bay:1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859 - David Houlahan (a notation after his name in 1859 says "no vote")
Family History: Although not listed as a resident at Caplin Bay in the 1800 Census, David Houlahan or Huolahan lived there for over sixty years afterwards. Very little is known of him but it appears that he lived on the south side of the bay, in the area of Deep Cove. His residence is usually just listed as Davy's/Davies or Deep Cove, however on one Voter's List his residence is given as Vally Crodic. This name is probably a corruption of Ballycraddock, the name of a townland in south-eastern Co. Waterford. Since the Irish were inclined to name property in their new homeland after places back in Ireland, this is probably the townland from which David Houlahan originated. There is no evidence to show if he had any family. No records of other Houlahans families point to Caplin Bay, but in 1800 there was a Houlahan family at Ferryland and another "Huolahan" family at Renews. The Houlahan surname did not survive in Caplin Bay. David Houlahan probably died in the 1860s since he is not recorded in Lovell's 1871 Directory.

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