A surname of England and Ireland; in England from the English place name Howley (Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Somerset), Howle Hill (Herefordshire) or Howle (Shropshire); in Ireland, (O) Howley Ó hUallaigh,? Ir. wallach - proud. (MacLysaght, E.C. Smith). Assumed by Bardsley to be a surname of Yorkshire, Lancashire or Cheshire, and traced by MacLysaght in Connacht and Co. Clare.



Of Caplin Bay: Fermeuse/Renews Marriage Records: Feb. 14, 1838 - Thomas Boland, Ireland married Johanna [Clancey], Capelin Bay. Witnesses: Michael Howley & Mary ????.
At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1840, 1841, 1842 - Michael Howley.
At St. John's: RC Basilica - St John's - Marriage Records: May 20, 1854 - Michael Howly (Ferryland) m. Mary Ann Dreelan (not stated). Witnesses: Jeremiah Carroll & Mary Ann Dignault.
Family History: Very few references surfaced in research about this early Caplin Bay family. The name disappeared from Caplin Bay after 1842. Although the marriage record for Michael Howley at St. John's in 1854 gives his address as Ferryland, maybe the priest recorded his District or his past home Parish rather than his current address. The Howley surname did not reappear in any later documents in the Ferryland area. There are no indications there were females in this family who could have intermarried with other families in the area.
Local Place Names: Howley's Marsh. An area of marshland on the South Side of Caplin Bay/Calvert.

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