A surname of England and Ireland from Old English loc(c) - lock (of ? curly hair), or Old English loc (c) - (keeper of the) fold, enclosure, or Middle English loke - (keeper of the) bridge or lock on a river. (Reaney, Cottle, MacLysaght 73). Guppy traced Lock in Devon, Dorset, Norfolk, Somerset and Locke in Hampshire. MacLysaght found Locke fairly numerous but not identified with any particular area.

At Caplin Bay: Crown Land Grants: James Lock   - 1851-02-06   Volume 2   Folio 81
  Fermeuse/Renews RC Baptisms - 1857-1919: James Lock, godfather of Margaret Joseph Swain, daughter of Joseph Swain & Anne Power - July 11, 1858.
  Crown Land Grants: James Lock   - 1869-12-11   Volume 16   Folio 53
  McAlpine's 1894 Directory: James Locke, fisherman.
  Southern Shore Death Records: December 3, 1896 - James Locke - old age - England - aged 90.
Family History: The Locke surname, although at Caplin Bay since the mid 1800s, does not appear in the Voter's Lists of that time, or in Lovell's 1871 Directory. James Locke had property on the north side of Caplin Bay, however no one knows exactly where he lived. Indeed the only recollection of the surname Locke at Calvert was its use as a nickname. The late Harold Sullivan of Calvert said he remembered his Uncle Joe Sullivan using the term "Old Locke" when referring to Jim Meaney (1880 - 1957?). The nickname was used to characterize individuals with a knack for 20/20 hindsight, a trait for which James Locke was known. There is no indication that James Locke had any immediate family in the Caplin Bay area.

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