MACKAY, M(a)cKAY, MACKEY, McKIE, surnames of Scotland, MacKay, (Mac)Kee, (O)MacKey of Ireland; Gaelic Mac Aoidh - son of Aed(h), later Aodh, a Gaelic name meaning 'fire', but (O) MacKey in Ireland, O ÓMacdha. According to Black, "In the later Middle Ages, it was mistakenly equated with Teutonic Hugh or Hugo." See McCUE, McKIE. (Black, MacLysaght). Guppy traced McKay and MacKay in the northern counties of Scotland, especially Caithness, and McKie and Mackie in Ayrshire and Aberdeenshire. MacLysaght traced Mackay, MacKee in Ulster, Kee in Co. Donegal, and (O) MacKey in Co. Tipperary.



At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1841 - James Mackey - Wrens Nest.
At Ferryland: Robert Carter's Journal - June 27, 1842 - Richard Mackey upset a punt at Cold East Point and a boy (Mullaly)(sic) was lost.
  Robert Carter's Journal - September 11, 1846 - James Mackey, an old inhabitant in Caplin Bay, died today at John Mollally's (sic).
  Ferryland Court - October 29, 1849 - Richard Mackay, of Caplin Bay, a servant of Matthew Morry, Esquire, J.P. charged with assault.
At Little Bras D'or, NS, Canada: November 23, 1868 - Marriage record for Michael Mullally gave his mother's name as Mary Redigan.
At Gloucester, MA, USA: - February 15, 1888 - Death certificate of Michael Mullally gave his mother's name as Mary Mackey.
Family History: Although James Mackey's name only appeared in the 1841 Voter's List at Caplin Bay, according to Robert Carter's journal entry, James was "an old inhabitant" of that settlement. His notation that James died "at John Mollally's" did not make sense until several other references tied things together. In 1825, John Mullally married Mary Readigan (sic) at Aquaforte. Both of them were from Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. John and Mary initially lived at Aquaforte, where Mary's father, Martin Reddigan, had settled after he came over in the first decade of the 1800s. Based on various references, this couple had several children, likely born at Aquaforte. However, we know that John Mullally moved to Ferryland before 1840, where he lived in the area known as The Alley..
  One of John's sons, Michael, left home when he grew up. There are two pieces of information related to Michael Mullally that explain why James Mackey of Caplin Bay died in the Mullally household at Ferryland in 1846. Michael's 1868 marriage record in Nova Scotia shows that his mother was Mary (Reddigan), Mullally. However, Michael's 1888 death record in Gloucester, Massachusetts, stated that his mother was Mary (Mackey), Mullally. We don't know when John Mullally's first wife died, but we now know that John remarried. His second wife was Mary Mackey, very likely the daughter of James Mackey of Caplin Bay.
  Another record that surfaced in Robert Carter's Journal suggests that Mary (Mackey) Mullally may have had a brother named Richard. On June 27, 1842, Carter recorded that Richard Mackey had upset a punt at Cold East Point, on the North Side of Ferryland Harbour, and in that incident, a boy named Mullally had drowned. No first name, age, etc., was given for this boy, so there is no way to determine from which of John Mullally's marriages this son came. There was also a later incident involving Richard Mackay, a servant of Matthew Morry of Caplin Bay, who appeared before the court on assault charges. However, there are not enough details to determine if he was the same person involved in the tragic 1842 event. The surname, with variant spellings, was found in many records in the Ferryland area. However, the lack of details give no clues as to whether James Mackey of Caplin Bay was related to the other recorded individuals.

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