This surname was not listed by E.R. Seary in the Newfoundland Voter's Lists of 1955. However, MacLysaght's research of the MacDaniell surname shows that "As a synonym of MacDonnell this [surname] was very widespread, but is not numerous now. In Co. Kerry, according to Nicholls, MacDaniel was the Irish patronymic assumed by a family of Welsh origin [who] settled there in the thirteenth century. MacDaniell is also the name of a Scottish family".



At Ferryland: District Court Actions: March 8, 1787 - Grace, John - Rented premises from: McDaniel, William
  Ferryland Census 1800: William McDaniel, James - 23, Matthew - 20, John - 19. William - 16, Catharine - 14.
  Surrogate Court Records: March 9, 1803 - McDaniel, Philip - Offers plantation in Capeland Bay as surety for money owed to Tree, Francis.
Of Ferryland: Royal Gazette - December 14, 1815 - McDonald, William - Late of Ferryland, planter. Administrator Mathew McDonald.
  RC Marriages - Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay 1831: Matthew MacDonnell of Ferryland married at Fortune Harbour.
At Caplin Bay: A list of names of all Masters, Servants, and Dieters residing in the District of Ferryland for the Winter of 1799 & Spring 1800: Philip McDaniel - (dieter) living with John Badcock.
  Royal Gazette: October 31, 1811 - McDaniel, Philip - County Wexford, Ireland, late of Capelin Bay, planter. Administrator, Philip Tree, Ferryland.
  List of Probated Wills: 1812 11 08 - Folio 307 - Philip Tree of Ferryland, Planter, adm. to the estate & effects of Philip MacDaniels of Capelin Bay, Fisherman. - £100.
Family History: Little is known of this individual, except that Philip McDaniel was from Co. Wexford. He was not listed as part of a resident family at Caplin Bay in the 1800 Ferryland District Census, likely because he usually lived by himself, and therefore did not meet the criteria of a 'family'. However, in this census, he was listed as a dieter living with John Badcock and his family. It is unclear why John Badcock (of Brigus South) was living at Caplin Bay during the winter of 1799/1800 unless there was some kinship to Philip McDaniel. It would seem that Philip had been at Caplin Bay for a while since the 1803 entry states that he had a plantation there. When he died, he left a will. However, the actual will (which was probated in 1812), has not been found. It is not known if Philip was related to the various McDaniels, MacDonnells, MacDonalds, and Daniels of Ferryland. He doesn't appear to have left behind any descendants.
Local Place Names: Daniel's Marsh: (or Dan'l's Mash - as pronounced locally). This marsh on the north side of Caplin Bay may, or may not, refer to this surname.

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