STEVENSON, surnames of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and Stephenson of the Micmac Indians of Newfoundland - son of Stephen (See STEPHENS), or in England also from the English place name Stevenstone (Devon). (Cottle, Spiegelhalter, MacLysaght). Guppy found Stephenson and Stevenson widespread in the Midlands, the north of England and Sussex, with Stephenson characteristic of the northern counties and Stevenson characteristic of the Midlands, Sussex and Scotland south of the Forth and Clyde. Spiegelhalter traced Stephenson and Steveson in Devon, and Black also traced both forms in Scotland. MacLysaght traced Stephenson in Co. Limerick and Ulster, and Stevenson, Ste(e)nson and Stinson in Ulster. He found Stevenson also a synonym of the Anglo-Norman FitzStephen.



At Caplin Bay: Voter's List for Caplin Bay: 1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845 - John Stephenson.
  Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1825-1890). Stevenson, born to the wife of John Stevenson (Deputy Sheriff of Southern District), a daughter. June 13/45C.
At Ferryland: Voter's List for Ferryland: 1849, 1852, 1855 - John Stevenson, Esq. 1859 - John Stevenson (Sheriff).
  Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1825-1890). Stephenson, born to the wife of John Stephenson (Sheriff of Southern District), a son at Ferryland on 24th. Feb 13/49C.
  Renews Parish RC Baptisms: November 22, 1858 - Stephenson, John Joseph. Sponsors: Eliza Den, Thomas Fowler, Michael Dunphy, Anne Roost . Priests: James Murphy/Robert Brennan . Remark : Convert.
  Royal Gazette- August 6, 1872 - Stephenson, John Esq. The Sheriff of the Southern District died Wednesday last at Ferryland at the age of 72. He was a servant of the Crown for 40 years.
  Ferryland RC Cemetery - Stephenson - John Stephenson, a native of Poole, England - Sheriff of this Southern District, died 31 July 1872; aged 71 yrs.
Family History: According to his headstone in Ferryland RC Cemetery, John Stephenson was born in Poole, (Dorset) England about 1800/1801. His newspaper obituary says that he was 40 years a servant of the Crown. We learn from letters that were written by Mary Ellen Morris (a niece of John's wife) that John was the son of Dr. George Major Stephenson. She states that Dr. Stephenson, a naval doctor, came from England to Burin, Newfoundland about 1804 and was appointed Justice of the Peace there in 1805. It appears he decided to settle there and brought his family over from England. Dr. Stephenson successfully practiced medicine at Burin for a number of years and eventually died and was buried there. After his death, all of his family, except John, returned to England. In the Voter's Lists for Ferryland District, we find John Stephenson living at The Beach in Caplin Bay until about 1846/1847. Based on a birth notice in 1845, from the St. John's newspapers, John was Deputy Sheriff of the Southern District while he was living at Caplin Bay. From 1849 onward, he is recorded in the Ferryland Voter's Lists. A birth notice for 1849 states that John was now Sheriff of the Southern District. His move to Ferryland about 1846/1847 probably coincided with his promotion to Sheriff, a position he held at Ferryland until his death in 1872.
  John Stephenson and his wife, Catherine (Kate) Meehan of St. John's, had at least seven children in the 1840s, three sons and four daughters. Most of them appear to have been born at Caplin Bay. They were all raised Roman Catholic, however, John himself did not convert to Catholicism until 1858. All of John's children moved away from Ferryland when they grew up. Two daughters married prominent men from St. John's, one married a man from France in New York, another joined the Sisters of Mercy and died at the convent in Burin. Two sons were telegraph operators. One moved to the West Indies and died there, the other moved to New York and worked for Western Union. The third son worked in the Newfoundland Customs Dept. as a Collector of Duties at Blanc Sablon, Labrador. He died at St. John's.
Present Status: Although the Stephenson surname is long gone from Calvert and Ferryland, John Stephenson has descendants living throughout North America. His youngest daughter married James P. Furlong of St. John's and it appears that most of their children emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s. Another of John's daughters married Judge Henry Renouf of St. John's and they had four children. Even though she moved to New York after his death, it is my understanding that her children stayed at St. John's. It is not known if John's eldest daughter, who married the Frenchman in New York, had any children. The same is true for the son who lived in New York; he was the only one of John's sons who was married.

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