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101 A death certificate could not be found for Agnes. She was in the 1920 US Census, but had died by the next census in 1930. Family information states 1925 as the approximate year of death. Gordon, Agnes Elizabeth (I5409)
102 A George Grant is listed at Cape Broyle in both Lovell's 1871 and McAlpine's 1870/1871 business directories. Grant, George (I6239)
103 A headstone in the Fermeuse RC Cemetery states: Erected by Ambrose Powells, In memory of Catherine O'Brien, Aug 12 1905 - 86 years.

This doesn't agree with the date on the Vital Statistic death record, however it is very likely to be the same person. The death record is probably the date the death was registered. The death record says she was 85. 
Dalton, Catherine "Kate" (I1671)
104 A James Walsh is named as the purported father of James Boland, but no other details are given in the Vital Statistics birth record. Walsh, James (I5530)
105 A John Evoy was recorded as the godfather of Mary Swain, daughter of Robert Swain Jr. and Ellen Evoy in 1858, but no reference to him found in any other records. Evoy, John (I4522)
106 A marriage record in St.John's (Basilica Parish) shows that a William Grant of "Island Cove" married Mary Green - alias Tucker (location unspecified) in 1824. It is my understanding that the use of the word "alias" signifies that Mary's maiden name was Tucker but she had previously been married to a man named Green. The Cape Broyle voter's lists, between 1840 and 1859, show that there was a William Tucker who lived on the north side of that bay. His place of abode was recorded variably as being on the North Shore, Admiral's Cove, or Freshwater.

While it cannot be proven that William Grant's "Island Cove" was the area just east of Admiral's Cove in Cape Broyle bay, it is quite possible. The absence of William Grant from any of the voter's list there could signify that he was living in the same dwelling as another eligible male head of household. A "non-eligible" voting restriction would apply to William if he was living in the household of his (possible) father-in-law, William Tucker. In 1871, Lovell's business directory lists two William Grants living in Cape Broyle Bay (location unspecified) and William Tucker's name is no longer mentioned in any documents. 
Family F1950
107 A marriage record in the Bay Bulls parish records shows that a Stephen Gatherall, of Bay Bulls, married Horora Mokeler, of Bay Bulls, on June 2 1833. No children were found for this couple in the Bay Bulls records so it appears likely they moved to Caplin Bay shortly after they married.

Stephen is listed in the 1859 voters list at Caplin Bay, but his name does not appear in either of the 1870-1871 Newfoundland directories. 
Gatherall, Stephen (I1529)
108 A month and a half after Patrick arrived in the US, he was enumerated as living with his uncle John J. Denine (spelled Daneen in the census). His first cousin Patrick J. Denine (son of William and Julia) was also staying at the same address. Furlong, Patrick J. (I5778)
109 A note in Bob's baptism record says "Married Nov. 8, 1943 to Esther Dalton at Cathedral, St. John's", however family information says it on the Nov. 7th. Family F164
110 A number of researchers have suggested that Francis Tree's birthplace may have been England. However, while possible, no record has been found to validate that speculation. It is also possible that Francis was born at Boston,Massachusetts. Tree, Francis (I6377)
111 A story told by Tom Reddigan relates that his Uncle Jose died after a voyage to the icefields (i.e. seal hunting). Apparently he had mistakenly taken a clothes bag belonging to someone else and didn't discover this until he was at the icefields. The clothes that were in the bag didn't fit him properly and he caught a severe cold. His death certificate states he died from pulmonary tuberculosis, however it is possible that it may have been that pneumonia or the severe cold hastened his inevitable death from tuberculosis. Reddigan, Joseph "Jose" (I425)
112 A total of 177 different CD volumes are available for purchase containing the digital photographs of the headstones and monuments used to build the database. Copies are available for viewing at The Rooms Provincial Archives. Source (S71)
113 A transcription in 1993 indicates that Peter Joseph's name was also on the headstone but that part of the headstone is now missing.

Holy Trinity RC Cemetery
GREGORY - Catherine Gregory, died at Little Bay Mines - 28 June 1884; aged 37 yrs.; son Peter Joseph, died __________ erected by her husband James Gregory. 
Gregory, Peter Joseph (I1394)
114 Able Seaman, Royal Navy WW II Meaney, Patrick Joseph "Paddy" (I226)
115 About 1900, Fred Costello became a Manager with Allan Goodridge and Sons. Fred was from Ferryland where his family roots can be traced back to before 1800. In that same year, he married Bridget Sullivan of Caplin Bay and they bought a house at The Beach. This house had previously been owned by Peter Morry, who had just moved with his family to British Columbia. Three children were born to Fred and Bridget at Caplin Bay, but the eldest son Cyril, died there as a boy in 1916.

In 1923, the family decided to emigrate to the United States but after staying for about six months, they returned to Caplin Bay in June 1924. Their only surviving son, William eventually returned to the United States in 1928 and lived there the rest of his life. Fred's wife died in 1938 and it appears that his daughter, Mary, who had married Gordon Johnston of Ferryland, came with her family to live with Fred at Calvert. For a while they offered their home as a boarding house but eventually all of the family moved to Ferryland where Fred died in 1963. The old house at Caplin Bay, which was used as a doctor's home and office for a while in the 1950s, eventually fell to disrepair and was torn down in the 1960s. 
Costello, Frederick Joseph "Fred" (I730)
116 About 1983 there was an old white marble headstone still visible in Ferryland RC Cemetery for Michael Sullivan. It was in poor condition, but parts of it were still legible. This stone eventually crumbled and disappeared, however a new memorial cross, near his parent's headstones, was erected by family members in 2015. (Kevin Reddigan) Sullivan, Michael Joseph "Mike" (I134)
117 About the mid 1850s, James Aspell settled at Tar Cove, Cape Broyle, Newfoundland. Tar Cove is located on the north side of the bay, just inside the headland adjoining Brigus (South). In various surviving records, people who resided there were usually referred to as being in Cape Broyle however, at other times they were referred to as being in Brigus (South). Aspell, James (I2487)
118 According to a grandson, the only markings on the grave-site were the initials A. E. but they are not recorded in any of the transcriptions of Forest Road Cemetery. Earl, Arthur (I5895)
119 According to a story in the Cape Broyle Come Home Year Book - 2000, two men, Joseph Grant and John Aylward of Cape Broyle and a 15 year ld boy (unnamed) from St. John's were lost at sea off Cape Broyle in the first week of June 1875. Grant, Joseph (I2820)
120 According to Bridie's travel papers, she was destined for Montreal, Canada to "take up work as servant" for "Mrs. Philip Hood". She wasn't specific about the address of the Hood family, but stated "he is manager, branch of Bank of Montreal and will meet"[me]. Bridie's nearest relative was her "father, Wm. Thorne, Torbay, Nfld". Thorne, Bridget Frances "Bridie" (I1439)
121 According to family information, Ethel contracted tuberculosis while boarding at her Aunt Catherine's in St. John's. It is my understanding that she returned home and died at Caplin Bay. Ledwell, Ethel Mary (I1168)
122 According to family information, Jack was living at Ferryland with his daughter, Margaret, (Mrs. Martin Curran) when he died. Rossiter, John "Jack" (I1373)
123 According to family sources her name was actually Mariah. O'Toole, Maria Joseph "Mariah" (I157)
124 According to family sources, Jim Keough emigrated to New York in 1911 where he founded a tug boat company. His sons Martin and Clayton continued to run this business. Keough, James Joseph "Jim" (I268)
125 According to family stories, this Richard Reddigan was lost while on a voyage. No record has been found to support this family lore, however we know he existed since he is referred to, in the 1872 will of his grandfather Richard Reddigan, as one of the eldest sons of Michael Reddigan. Reddigan, Richard (I424)
126 According to Father Michael O'Driscoll's diary, she died on March 16, 1878 from consumption. Cashin, Bridget Mary (I3588)
127 According to her granddaughter, Geraldine Ivany, Kate died at Ferryland, while living with her daughter, Mary Theresa Clowe and family. Carney, Catherine M. F. "Kate" (I608)
128 According to his death record in 1891, Michael Lahey was born in Ireland. Based on his age, 74, he was born about 1817. This date is contrary to some of the writings of local community historian, Jim Joe O'Brien, who wrote that the Laheys settled in Cape Broyle about 1812.

Voter's List - Cape Broyle. 1859 - Michael Leahey - North Shore.

Lovell's 1871 Provincial Business Directory - Cape Broyle Leahy Michael, fisherman 
Lahey, Michael (I2392)
129 According to information on Find-A-Grave website, George's biological parents were Mona (Cross) Bissette and Louis Wasner. Keough, George Louis (I6142)
130 According to information submitted in before entering the US in1937,John T. had lived in the US from 1928 to 1933. Aspell, John Thomas "Jack" (I6036)
131 According to local oral tradition, Kitty Wade was the last person to move from Stone Island to the main settlement of Caplin Bay. She lived alone at Stone Island in the old family home for a number of years after her sister, Mary, died. After Kitty moved from Stone Island, she lived on land at the foot of Galavan's Hill, just east of where the second generation of Sullivans had settled after they moved from Stone Island. Her old property, on the west side of Stone Island River eventually became the property of Martin Sullivan. Wade, Catherine "Kitty" (I344)
132 According to Mabel's great-grand niece, her initial burial was in an unknown cemetery, but she was re-interred in the Kelly family plot at Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, when her father, James, was buried there on July 3, 1896. Kelly, Mabel Virginia (I5391)
133 According to Margaret's great-grand niece, her initial burial was in an unknown cemetery, but she was re-interred in the Kelly family plot at Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, when her father, James, was buried there on July 3, 1896. Kelly, Margaret A. (I5392)
134 According to Mary Gertrude's death certificate, the informant for the questions asked was "Mary Swain". While it doesn't give the relationship of that person to Mary G., it appears likely it was her mother, Mary (McLean) Swain. Swain, Mary Gertrude (I5194)
135 According to Mary's great-grand niece, her initial burial was in an unknown cemetery, but she was re-interred in the Kelly family plot at Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, when her father, James, was buried there on July 3, 1896. Kelly, Mary Josephine (I5006)
136 According to ship manifests on, John traveled to East Boston each year after the fishing season, from 1927 to 1930, inclusive. Although John's wife had died in 1930, he still traveled that year. It is likely his son, Francis, was being looked after by John's mother. Francis was still in her care when the 1945 Newfoundland Census was compiled. Costello, John Joseph (I495)
137 According to some family information, Francis is believed to have been burnt to death in a fire at or near Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Murphy, Francis (I193)
138 According to some family sources, this son was lost at sea about 1898. To date details of this person have not been found in any of the records or newspapers. Keough, Son (I3666)
139 According to the 1921 Newfoundland Census, Monica was born in Nova Scotia in Aug 1888 and came to Newfoundland in 1886. Her sister, Ellen Meaney, (Mrs Bernard Meaney of Caplin Bay) indicated that she was born in Nova Scotia in 1882, and had come to Newfoundland in 1886. Monica's place of birth in the census is obviously incorrect since the family left Nova Scotia two years before her birth. A check of the St. John's RC Baptism show that Monica was actually born in St. John's, NF.

BASILICA of St. John the Baptist - BAPTISMS ST JOHN'S, NFLD - 1888 269 Monica O'Grady 3 Sept Patrick O 'Grady Elizabeth Grady 10 Sept W Forristall Martin O'Neil Mary O'Neil 
O' Grady, Monica "Mon" (I106)
140 According to the City Directories for Bristol, CT, John lived with the Jackman family in 1925 and 1926. In 1927, he is shown as living next door at # 8 Franklin Street. He lived there until his death, which according to the Bristol CT directories, occurred on June 11, 1943 at the age of 41. Canning, John J. (I198)
141 According to the community folklore/family history written by the late Jim Joe O'Brien, Michal Ryan and his wife Mary came to Cape Broyle from Co. Wexford, Ireland about 1826. He also wrote that Michael was drowned near Petty Harbour Motion, near Cape Spear, about 1830. Ryan, Michael (I2911)
142 According to the family. Sarah's maiden name was Rowlands. Nolan, Sarah (I2716)
143 According to the Fermeuse/Renews marriage records, Michael Clancy of "Capline Bay" married Margaret Hart at Fermeuse in 1842. Robert Carter's diary mentions this marriage in his 9 January 1842 entry, however he gave the bride's name as Peggy Neile. The surviving voters lists show he was living at Admiral's Cove, Fermeuse in 1846 and 1847, but then his name disappears entirely from the Voters Lists for Ferryland District. Family F184
144 According to the ship's manifest, Hubert was a physician who was going to Philadelphia for a post graduate course at the University of Penn. Molloy, Dr. John Hubert "Hubert" (I5920)
145 According to the Vital Statistics death records, Michael Rossiter was born in Caplin Bay about 1809 but he died at Fermeuse. He appears to have lived at Caplin Bay for at least the first 50 years. He is noted in the voters lists at Caplin Bay from 1846 to 1859 but obviously moved to Fermeuse sometime after the latter date.

Although he was not listed at Caplin Bay nor Fermeuse in Lovell's 1871 Directory, he is listed in McAlpines Directory 1870-71 CAPLIN BAY Rossiter Michael fisherman

McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory - Ferryland District - FERMEUSE ROSSITER Michael fisherman ROSSITER Patrick fisherman ROSSITER Joseph fisherman 
Rossiter, Michael (I887)
146 According to the writings of Jim Joe O'Brien, George Grant and his wife had a son named Patrick, however no other references to this individual was found in any other records. Grant, Patrick (I6271)
147 According to the writings of Jim Joe O'Brien, John Dalton was born in Co. Wexford and came to Newfoundland about 1820. Dalton, John (I2603)
148 According to the writings of Mr. Jim Joe O'Brien, Edward Coady died young. Coady, Edward (I3174)
149 According to the writings of Mr. Jim Joe O'Brien, Mary (maiden name unknown), from Wexford, Ireland was widowed about 1830 when her husband, Michael Ryan, was lost at sea. He indicated she had three sons at that time. Mr. O'Brien also wrote that she later married Edward Coady, who was also from Co. Wexford. However, surviving records indicate that it was actually James Coady, possibly of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. Family information indicates that this James Coady may have first married Joanna Ellis from Ferryland, and that Mary was actually his second wife. Mary (I2910)
150 According to the writings of Mr. Jim Joe O'Brien, Michael Ryan would always refer to his father, Thomas Ryan, "as a true seaman, born on the sea". Michael's father was supposedly born on the high seas, about 1826, during the voyage from Co. Wexford, Ireland to Newfoundland. Although Mr. O'Brien mentions Thomas as the first child, Mary (Ryan) McKeirnan, daughter of Timothy Ryan, Thomas' brother, stated in the 1910 US Census that her father was born at sea. This would seem to indicate that Thomas and Timothy were a twin. This may be a possibility since descendants have had a number of sets of twins. Mary (Ryan) McKeirnan, a daughter of Timothy, had two sets of twins and a great grand-daughter also has twin sons,

Thomas' marriage and the baptism of his first child, Bridget, are recorded in the Fermeuse/Renews parish records, but it is not known if he lived there for a while before returning to Cape Broyle.

Crown Lands - Ferryland District (1833 - 1886) Serial No. Name Location Year of Grant 2700 Ryan, Thomas South Side of Cape Broyle 1868

Lovell's 1871 Provincial Business Directory CAPE BROYLE Ryan Thomas, fisherman

McAlpines Directory 1870-71 CAPE BROYLE Ryan Thomas fisherman

McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory Ferryland District CAPE BROYLE RYAN Thomas fisherman

McAlpine's 1898 Directory Ferryland District Cape Broyle RYAN Thomas Sr. fisherman

McAlpine's 1904 Directory Ferryland District CAPE BROYLE RYAN Thomas fisherman

According to a diary kept by William O'Brien, "Old Tom Ryan died" at Cape Broyle May 4, 1909.

Newfoundland Wills "R" from LDS FHC Microfilm 1830 - 1962 Ryan Thomas 9 105 1910

Newfoundland Wills Estate Files Index RYAN Thomas 1910 248 Cape Broyle (Ferryland) Admin.c.t.a 6 
Ryan, Thomas (I2912)

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