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151 According to their marriage record Peter Aspell and Catherine Aspell were cousins (once removed) so they required "a dispensation of the second to third degree of consanguinity".  Family F1625
152 Address given as George Street, St. John's. Aspell, James (I2487)
153 After her husband's death, Gertrude moved into #10 Franklin Street with Ellen Jackman. It appears that Gertrude birth date and these other clues indicate that she was actually Gertrude C. Jackman, daughter of Arthur and Ellen (Clancy) Jackman. The 1949 Bristol, Connecticut directory shows Gertrude had recently remarried - this time to Harvey W. Taylor. Jackman, Gertrude C. (I5280)
154 After his marriage , Tom, moved to his wife's hometown of Cape Broyle.

1/ McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory - Ferryland District, Cape Broyle: Johnston, Thomas - fisherman.
2/ McAlpine's 1898 Directory - Ferryland District, Cape Broyle: Johnston, Thos - fisherman.
3/ McAlpine's 1904 Directory - Ferryland District, Cape Broyle: Johnston, Thomas - fisherman.
Johnston, Thomas (I835)
155 After the death of Michael Sr., Sarah and her entire family emigrated to the U.S. in 1891 and 1892. Michael Jr. was the first to go in August 1891 and the remainder of the family followed in 1892.

Notes for SARAH PENDERGAST: The family name changed from Battcock to Babcock in this generation. They lived not too far from the McLaughlins and Yeos.

1900 Somerville Census Enumeration District 927, Sheet 13

In 1910, Sarah was living with her son, James on Linwood Street in Somerville. According to the 1910 Census, Sarah had 10 children, but only 5 were alive in 1910.

More About SARAH PENDERGAST: Address (Facts Pg): 1900, Linden Street, Somerville, Massachusetts Burial: 1911, Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Massachusetts Census: 1900, Somerville, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Immigration: 1892 
Prendergast, Sarah (I3847)
156 Age at death recorded as 99 3/4 years. Dunphy, Mary (I4610)
157 Age given as 32 in her marriage record. Grant, Mary (I6258)
158 Age given as 36 in his marriage record. Bryne, James (I6259)
159 Age given as 78 on his death record. Publow, William (I6441)
160 Age reported as 59 at the time of her death. Bradbury, Hannah "Anna" (I6039)
161 Agnes joined the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters about 1935. Her name in religious life was Sister Mary Colette. Kavanagh, Agnes Joseph (I511)
162 Agnes surname is recorded incorrectly in the Holy Apostles baptism records - entry recorded as Conners. The Newfoundland Census of 1921 give her birth as Jan 1864?? Condon, Agnes (I143)
163 Alfred was the ancestor of the Canning family of Calvert (Caplin Bay), but he was actually born at Ferryland about December 1865. Indications are, that at an early age, Alfred was taken in and raised by Mrs Eliza Morry, widow of Matthew Morry (III) who lived on the north side of Caplin Bay. All of the Morrys at that time were still Anglican, owners of a number of properties and operators of several businesses in Ferryland District. Alfred's family was Roman Catholic and quite possibly worked as servants/labourers of the Morrys at Ferryland.

The exact relationship between the Morrys and the Cannings is very obscure. Amongst some old surviving documents there are some rather curious references that may explain the Morry/Canning relationship. In one archived collection, The Carter Papers, housed at The Rooms in St. John's, there is a song called the Motley Maggot Gang, which is obviously a rather scathing attack on the character of the Morry family. This insulting poem/song is believed to have been written by Anne Carter Tessier in the 1840s, but the reasons for its contemptuous nature is unknown. One verse of interest reads:

"Poor orphan cannons they took in,
Oh what a cruel crying sin,
The cozening robers [sic] ought to hang,
The tyrant motley maggot gang"

The first line appears to refer to the Cannon (later known as the Canning) family of Ferryland and seems to indicate that a relationship involving the Morrys and the Cannings had begun at least one generation before Alfred was born. While the event mentioned, from all appearances, seems to have been a good and honourable deed, the second and third lines, for reasons unknown, decries it as being anything but, and gives the impression that the Morrys had an ulterior motive for taking in the "orphan cannons". Maybe the author felt that the Morry's had found a way of getting free labour i.e. the Canning orphans became their servants.

A generation later, Alfred Canning, parents unknown, became a member of the Morry household at Caplin Bay. He was raised there along with the adult children of Matthew Morry (III) and Elizabeth Coleman. When he was about 27, he married Mary Swain, granddaughter of Robert Swain of Stone Island. After his marriage, Alfred and his family continued to live with Miss Elizabeth (Lizzie) Morry (spinster daughter of Matthew and Eliza) in the old Morry house. This house, called Athlone Cottage, was located on the north side of Caplin Bay. The Canning family looked after Miss Morry until she died in 1930. It appears that Miss Morry left a will but after her death, there was a disagreement between Alfred's descendants and Miss Morry's relatives over who had the rightful entitlement to the old Morry property. While Alfred Canning regarded himself as an adopted son, the contrary view was held within the Morry clan. This view is expressed in one letter that was written by a niece of Mrs Eliza Morry which read: "Aunt Eliza was a foolish woman. When she took Alf Canning she did not adopt him or give him her name. He was left without a mother and none of the neighbours wanted him".

This last sentence may be subtle evidence which supports my speculation that Alfred's family were servants of the Morrys, hence the people of Ferryland would probably have felt that it was the Morry family, who had the obligation, and financial means, to provide for their servant's orphaned child.

There is no clear indication which Canning family in Ferryland Alfred was descended from. In McAlpine's 1894-1897 Directory, there is also a William Canning listed at Caplin Bay, but we don't know if, or how, he was related to Alf. In the 1921 Newfoundland Census, there was a William Canning listed at Aquaforte who was born at Ferryland in 1853. This may or may not be the same individual mentioned earlier at Caplin Bay. 
Canning, Alfred "Alf" (I37)
164 Alice is a widow living with her son John per 1921 Census. Fitzgerald, Alice (I3097)
165 Alice is shown in the 1921 Census as a widow living alone at Daniel's Point, Trepassey. Oldridge, Alice (I2269)
166 Alice was living with three of her sons at Cape Broyle when the 1945 Newfoundland Census was complied. Boland, Alice (I312)
167 Alice was married three times and outlived all three husbands. Although the 1921 Newfoundland Census says she was born at Cape Broyle it is believed she was born at Tors Cove. O' Brien, Alice (I1750)
168 All indications are that Ellen was the daughter of Robert Swain of Caplin Bay, since this was the only family of that surname in the parish of Ferryland. Her approx. birth year is calculated based on her age (42) given in the 1871 Canada Census. Swain, Ellen (I5271)
169 All information re the Sweeney family supplied by Patrick Seamus Rossiter. Johnston, Catherine "Kate" (I1142)
170 All of the information for John was taken from his death record. The 1871 Canadian Census shows his family living at Sambro, so it is likely that this is where John was born. Smith, John James (I5897)
171 All Saint's Cemetery Ledwell, Vincent Patrick (I6187)
172 Also known as Mary Neal or Neil. It appears she may have been the daughter of William (O') Neill and Bridget Hunt. They had a daughter baptised as Mary Anne on Sept 4, 1859. This couple also had a Martin, who was born in 1865 Martin is identified as a brother-in-law, living with John and Mary Rossiter at Caplin Bay, in the Newfoundland 1921 Census. O'Neil, Mary (I766)
173 Also known under the equivalent English names "Mary Jane". Aspell, Marie Jeanne (I6093)
174 Also recorded as Bessie, Mary E. or Mary Ellen. Grant, Ellen Mary "May" (I3594)
175 Although the surviving records don't disclose the name of another Tree daughter, the St. John's newspapers at the time of Harriet's marriage indicate that the "Bride was the fourth daughter of Francis Tree of this place". Family F1999
176 Although a Thomas Foley is listed in the 1908 Voter's List for Caplin Bay, the manifest of the SS Rosalind shows that Thomas Foley, a fisherman from Caplin Bay, his wife Elizabeth, and son Patrick sailed from the port of St. John's on October 21, 1906. They entered the US at the port of New York on October 27, 1906.

Both of them indicated they were 40 years old, and Patrick was 5 years old. Their final destination was given as Bristol, Connecticut. Their contact was Thomas' brother, John Foley c/o Luke Rossiter, 94 Vall[e]y Street, Bristol. Thomas is described as being 5'9'' tall, with a fair complexion, brown hair and blue eyes. Elizabeth was 5'4'' tall, with a fair complexion, brown hair and blue eyes.  
Foley, Thomas Joseph (I1118)
177 Although a William Aspell was one of the witnesses at the marriage, he was not a relative. William appears quite often in marriages and baptisms as a "substitute" since he was the Sacristan for the RC cathedral. Family F1885
178 Although Anne's marriage was recorded in the Church of England records, there are no baptisms for any children recorded in the Church of England baptismal records. The one child, for which there is a surviving baptismal record, was baptized Roman Catholic. Rossiter, Anne (I1378)
179 Although family information gives other dates of birth, this date given, on his WWI Draft Registration card, appears to be the most accurate (one day before his recorded baptism). Armstrong, George Joseph (I497)
180 Although Ferryland RC Parish dates back to 1789, the surviving records only go back as far as 1870. However, in the absence of a record at St. John's, or the neighboring Holy Apostles RC Parish at Fermeuse, it seem likely they were married in their home parish of Ferryland. Family F438
181 Although he is buried in Connecticut, a commemorative headstone was erected in Holy Trinity RC Cemetery for Richard. It is unclear but, based on family information, Jane returned home from Connecticut is very likely buried here. Reddigan, Richard "Dick" (I419)
182 Although he was always known by the surname Carey, his headstone gives his surname as Carew - a prime example of confusion over the use of the Carey/Carew surnames. Carey, Michael Joseph "Mike" (I1710)
183 Although he was baptised and raised as a Roman Catholic, Emanuel married a first cousin outside the RC church.

McAlpine 1913 City Directory - City of St. John's Johnston Emmanuel salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd h McDougall

NF055 : STJ33 JOHNSTON, Emanuel J (1976) & Amelia - 1 photo

NL Family History Cemetery Transcriptions - Forest Road Anglican Cemetery JOHNSTON/ EMANUEL J 1888-1976/AMELIA 1897 - 1985/ REST IN PEACE 
Johnston, Emanuel J. (I1152)
184 Although Henry signed a Draft Registration Card in 1918, it doesn't appear he was ever called up for active duty. Kelly, Henry Zanilla (I5072)
185 Although her baptism record says she was born and baptised on the 9th, Anne insisted her birthday was the 8th. Carey, Mary Anne Frances "Anne" (I98)
186 Although her Vital Statistics death record says she was born at Cape Broyle, the writings of Mr. Jim Joe O'Brien says she was from Co. Cork,Ireland. Aylward, Mary Anne (I2738)
187 Although his birth certificate shows his name as Herbert, he always went by the name of Harold. Furlong, Harold Albert (I4124)
188 Although his headstone says he was 102, based on his baptism record, he turned 100 yrs. old a few months before he died. Murphy, Patrick Joseph "Pad" (I185)
189 Although his marriage record says he was from Ferryland, the Vital Statistic Death Records says Walter was born at Caplin Bay. Clancy, Walter (I583)
190 Although his Vital Statistic death record states he was born at Cape Broyle, all related family lore indicates that Isaac was born in England. His age was given as 76 in his death record. Even though this information was usually given by a family member, it may have been just an estimate. Bruff, Isaac John (I2150)
191 Although in the 1900 US Census, Anastasia stated that she had immigrated in 1859, her 1862 marriage in Halifax, Nova Scotia suggests it is unlikely that she had emigrated to the US. We don't know how long she was in Nova Scotia, or for what purpose, so it is possible that she could have emigrated there in 1859.

US Census information for James and Anastasia (Keefe) Kelly based on transcriptions. This is an extract of information taken from the various US Censuses. Be aware that census information is often fraught with incorrect information due to a lack of knowledge of specific family details, a misunderstanding of questions asked and/or answers given. Enumerators were left to "create" their own spellings, and often had to calculate dates based on age at last birthday, etc. For these reasons, the recorded information often differs significantly from dates recorded in church registers or civil records. Remember too that these records have been transcribed, sometimes introducing additional errors due to difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting, which varies greatly in quality and style.

1870 US Census: Image Source: Year: 1870; Census Place: Brighton, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Roll: M593_622; Page: 176; Image: 355; enumerated on July 11, 1870. This census shows that Anastasia was married to James Kelley and the family was living in the town of Brighton, MA. They had four children at that time and Anastasia's brother, Michael was living with them as well. James is listed as a butcher and Michael as a laborer. The number of their dwelling was 149, but the street name doesn't appear to be given in the census.

Kelley, James 35 butcher Mass. Kelley, Anastasia 29 keeping house Newfoundland Kelley, Mary J. 6 at school Mass. Kelley, Thomas 4 at home Mass Kelley, Edward A 2 at home Mass. Kelley, James 7m. at home Mass. (born Dec.) Keefe, Michael 30 labor Newfoundland ---------------------------------------------------------------

1880 US Census: Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; Roll: T9_561; Family History Film: 1254561; Page: 193.4000; Enumeration District: 784; Image: 0717; enumerated June 1, 1880. This shows James and Anastasia (Anna) were now living at 18 Western Avenue in Boston. They had eight children by this time. James and Anna indicated that all of their parents were born in Ireland. It states (incorrectly) that James was born in Massachusetts, and it shows Anna was born in Canada (technically incorrect since Newfoundland did not become part of Canada until 1949).

James Kelley 48 butcher Anna Kelley 36 wife keeping house Mary Kelley 16 dau. at school Thomas Kelley 14 son at school Edward Kelley 12 son works at abattoir James Kelley 10 son at school William Kelley 8 son at school John Kelley 5 son at school Henry Kelley 3 son Theresa Kelley 7M daughter (born Nov.) --------------------------------------------------------------

1900 US Census: Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Boston Ward 25, Suffolk, Massachusetts; Roll: T623 688; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 1539; enumerated on June 1, 1900. This census shows that by 1900 Anastasia was a widow living at 495 Western Avenue in Boston with her four adult children. She indicated that she had been the mother of 10 children, 7 of whom were still living. Anastasia also indicated that she had been born in (English) Canada. She indicated that her father had been born in Ireland and her mother had been born in (English) Canada. All children indicated they had been born in Massachusetts, however the census stated (incorrectly) that their father had been born in Ireland, not Massachusetts. Anastasia indicated that she had arrived in the US in 1859.

Anastasia Kelly 54 Head Oct 1845 Canada (Eng) Housekeeper William W Kelly 28 Son Nov 1871 Massachusetts Prop of Pool Room John J Kelly 25 Son Apr 1875 Massachusetts Cattle dealer Henry L Kelly 22 Son Aug 1877 Massachusetts Cattle dealer Teresa A Kelly 20 Dau. June 1880 Massachusetts at school 
Keefe, Anastasia (I4709)
192 Although it doesn't appear that a headstone was erected for Elizabeth, it is likely she was buried in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery. Brown, Elizabeth (I6408)
193 Although it is likely that all of James sons learned the blacksmithing trade, it appears that the eldest son, William, inherited the Ferryland blacksmith business from his father. In a small rural area, there would not have been sufficient business to support other forges, so William's brothers moved on to other areas and trades.

William was the only child of James and Eliza who stayed at Ferryland. He operated the forge at Ferryland, and later on, some of his sons worked with him in the family business. It was his fourth son, Charlie, who mainly carried on the family business, with the assistance of his brother, Nick. The Newfoundland 1921 Census shows that William, Kate, son Gordon and son Charlie, who had married, were living together in the family home at Ferryland.

Newfoundland 1921 Census - Ferryland JOHNSTONE, William M Head Married 1847 Jan 74 Ferryland JOHNSTONE, Cathrine F Wife Married 1855 May 66 Ferryland JOHNSTONE, Gordon M Son Single 1899 Dec 21 Ferryland JOHNSTONE, Charles M Son Married 1892 Jul 29 Ferryland JOHNSTONE, May F DiL Married 1898 May 23 Big Pond JOHNSTONE, Millie F Gdau Single 1919 May 2 Ferryland JOHNSTONE, Cathrine F Gdau Single 1920 Aug 1 Ferryland

William was baptised in the Church of England and is noted as Protestant in his marriage record in the Roman Catholic church. However, according to headstone information, he is buried in the RC Cemetery at Ferryland. It is not known if he actually converted to Roman Catholicism before his death. 
Johnston, William Henry (I989)
194 Although John Boland was not listed in McAlpine's 1870/71 Newfoundland Directory or in Lovell's 1871 Directory of Newfoundland, Crown Lands grant #3277 records that a piece of land at Caplin Bay was registered in the name of John Boland Sr. in July 1871. Boland, John (I757)
195 Although John was born and raised in the Church of England, his family was raised in the Roman Catholic faith of his wife. However, later in life he too converted to Roman Catholicism.

Fermeuse/Renews Parish RC Baptisms: November 22, 1858 - Stephenson, John Joseph. Sponsors: Eliza Den, Thomas Fowler, Michael Dunphy, Anne Roost. Priests: James Murphy/Robert Brennan . Remark : Convert.
Stephenson, Sheriff John Joseph (I4112)
196 Although Lucy was baptised Roman Catholic, her Vital Statistic death record shows her religious affiliation as United Church and as such she was buried in the General Protestant Cemetery. Hawkins, Lucinda "Lucy" (I1882)
197 Although Maher is a fairly widespread surname in Ferryland District, according to his death record Thomas Maher, who settled at Caplin Bay in the mid 1850s, was from Conception Bay. His wife Bridget, whose maiden name may have been Barry??, was born at Caplin Bay about 1815. Thomas and Bridget had at least two sons, James and John. James appears to have left Caplin Bay between 1894 and 1898. John Maher, who was married with several children, also left Caplin Bay between 1904 and 1908. In the Newfoundland 1921 Census, he is shown living in St. John's West, having married for the second time.

Based on the Ferryland RC Baptisms, it appears that there was a fairly close relationship, if not kinship, between the Mahers, Barrys, and O'Briens of Caplin Bay. The O'Briens are shown as godparents at the baptism of two of John Maher's children and John Meagher is shown as the godfather of one of Michael and Bridget O'Brien daughters in 1880. According to the late Pauline (O'Brien) Norris, at least one member of the Maher family used to visit her family's home at Calvert, long after they left there. 
Maher, Thomas (I828)
198 Although Mary's name is listed in the McAlpine's 1898 Directory as being at Indian Bight, Notre Dame Bay, indications are that she had left Newfoundland by that time. Her youngest daughter died in Massachusetts in 1906 and an entry in the 1910 US Census, possibly for her son James, indicates the surviving family may have immigrated to the US about 1895. McLean, Mary (I4313)
199 Although no birth record was found for Robert, it appears that Thomas and Jane Hawkins may have been his parents. Hawkins, Robert (I1886)
200 Although no immigration record has been found to date, it appears Garrett traveled to Idaho at the same time as his brother Samuel and family. He stated it was in 1888. Denine, Garret (I5737)

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