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201 Although no parish birth or baptism records survive for that era, Thomas' birth date (22 Oct 1847) was recorded as such in his Nova Scotia death certificate. It also states that Thomas was born in Newfoundland, however no specific location was given. Boland, Thomas (I331)
202 Although no record has been found to date to clearly prove that James was born at Ferryland, the forenames of his sons strongly suggests a connection with Francis Meaney and his family who were living at Ferryland in 1800. I believe that James, who was likely born shortly after 1800, was a son of Francis and Elizabeth, the couple listed at Ferryland in 1800.

In the Education Report for Ferryland for 1837 - from the Journals of the House of Assembly - there is a brief mention of "J. and Mary Meaney at Ferryland". Although they are not listed as government paid teachers, the report states that they were given two copies of Primers under the school supplies distributions for that district. Apart from the mention of a distribution to one other family (the Browns), all other supplies distributed were for the use of the official teachers. This record is rather curious since it may tie in with some oral family lore that Thomas, son of James, was considered by some, including his daughter, to be a schoolteacher.

Except for the 1840 voter's list, there is no mention of any Meaney voters at Ferryland until 1859, however in all of the voter's lists for Caplin Bay (1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859) James Meany is listed. In the Road Reports of the Journals of the Newfoundland House of Assembly, James Meany of Caplin Bay is mentioned a number of times as being awarded various road contracts. He is also shown in the mid 1840s working on several government funded "work for relief" programs, such as the construction of a bridge over LaManche River.

It is not known when James died but a notation after his name in the voter's list of 1859 says "dead". This notation was likely made as an update to the voter's list in the early 1860s. James was not listed at Caplin Bay in Lovell's 1871 Directory. 
Meaney, James (I127)
203 Although Philip wrote his will in July 1848 and died in April 1849, his will was not probated until 1858. To view a transcribed copy of his will: click hereTree, Philip (I6381)
204 Although Reddigan is a rare surname in the south-eastern counties of Ireland, research of Irish records indicate the presence of small pockets of the surname (and several variants) associated with towns and villages along the banks of the river Suir. The majority of these few surviving records are for parishes on the Co. Kilkenny side of the river, with occasional references to life events associated with parishes located on the Co. Waterford side of the river. In Newfoundland, the association of the surname with Co. Kilkenny was identified in the 1825 marriage (at Aquaforte) of Mary "Readigan", who was very likely the daughter of Martin.  Reddigan, Martin (I174)
205 Although some versions of family lore suggest that Margaret may have been born in Scotland, all Vital Statistics death records state that she was born in Ireland. This fact is also borne out by a St. John's newspaper obit: Evening Telegram - Jun 17 1891 - Died at Caplin Bay on the 13 Margaret, relict of late Edward Keough, native of New Ross, Ireland, age 80 years, 66 spent here. (Courtesy of Audrey Swain). Her Vital Statistics death record states she was 86 when she died.
Smith, Margaret "Peggy" (I267)
206 Although the "census" does not give detailed names, analysis indicates that the Archibald family mentioned was very likely Andrew, Bridget and their five children.  Family F1872
207 Although the 1900 US Census states that Mary was born in July 1866, notes from her brother, Captain Edward Hartery state that she was born Sept 6, 1869. Hartery, Mary Ellen (I4457)
208 Although the 1921 Census says Anne was born at Cape Broyle, the baptism records show that the family was probably living at Renews at that time. They appear to have moved to Admiral's Cove, Cape Broyle after her father's death. Molloy, Anne Joseph "Annie" (I192)
209 Although the 1921 Newfoundland Census clearly shows that Margaret was born at Caplin Bay, Newfoundland, her marriage record states she was born at St. John's, the daughter of Woodley and Margaret Wilcox. It is not known why the enumerator recorded her place of birth as Caplin Bay. Wilcox, Margaret (I1010)
210 Although the death record states that Mary was born at Fermeuse, the only place where the family name McNamara existed on the Southern Shore was at Caplin Bay (voters Lists 1840 - 1859 - Edward McNamara). It is also possible that the Mary Rossiter in the death record could be a second wife of Michael Rossiter. If so, the second Mary may have been from Fermeuse and this would explain why, after living in Caplin Bay for over 50 years, Michael Rossiter moved to Fermeuse. However, no other marriage record could be found to prove that Michael Rossiter was married twice.

McAlpine's 1898 Directory - Ferryland District - Fermeuse ROSSITER Mrs. Mary wid 
MacNamara, Mary (I1204)
211 Although the Gorman surname didn't become directly associated with Caplin Bay until the late 1830s and early 1840s, the surname at Ferryland goes back to the late 1770s. It appears from the old court records that Jeffrey Gorman, was a merchant, with his headquarters at Fermeuse. In 1785/1786, he is also mentioned as being the agent for Philip Leigh & Co. Several court cases are on record where he sued individuals to recover outstanding debts for that company.

The first mention of Richard Gorman was also in this latter time-frame, but we have no indication of Richard's kinship to Jeffrey. They could have been brothers, or father and son. From his profile in a number of court cases, it appears that Richard was a literate man, and this is borne out by the fact that by 1800 he was the Clerk of the Peace for the court system at Ferryland. By that time, he was married and had five children. While Richard's religious affiliation is not clear, it seems pretty certain, based on other recorded events, that his wife and family were Roman Catholics.

In his capacity as an official of the Crown, his name shows up numerous times in various court records throughout the first three decades of the 1800s. However, in 1826, 1828, and 1829, his position within the Crown changed to that of a gaoler (i.e. jailer) at Ferryland.

We don't know exactly when Richard moved to Caplin Bay, but his name appears there for three years in the earliest surviving Voter's Lists. His home was near the scenic Old Woman's Pond. This was likely his "retirement" home since it appears while at Ferryland his residence may have been provided by the Crown.

Based on Robert Carter's Journal, Richard died on the 12th October 1841. In the spring of 1843, his widow, Bridget, petitioned the government for several years wages that were due Richard before he died. It took a while, but the government finally paid her 66 in 1845. 
Gorman, Richard (I5623)
212 Although the marriage record states that Mary Ellen was from Renews, the witnesses - Nicholas Power and Catherine Gregory - were from Brigus South. Denis lived in Brigus South according to the 1840 & 1842 voters list. There is no record of any Green's living in Renews at that time, however there were two families of Greens at Brigus South. Greene, Mary Ellen (I3103)
213 Although the priest did not record their hometowns, it appears that both of them were living at Toad's (Tor's) Cove. Family F1347
214 Although the surviving baptism records for Mary's home parish at Ferryland only go back to 1870, Mary's baptism was recorded in the adjacent parish at Fermeuse. The baptism record gives no indication where she was actually born but the godparent's name suggest they were from Cape Broyle or Brigus South. Grant, Mary (I840)
215 Although the transcription of her baptism shows her name as "Jean" Elizabeth", all later records show her name as "Jane" Elizabeth".

Marriages, Mission of Tilt Cove 1869 - 1882 December 20, 1874 Hugh VAVASOUR, of ?Laspy (Lazy) Bank Road, St. John's West, but for some time resident of Tilt Cove & Jane Elisabeth JOHNSTON, of James, Ferryland in Christ Church, Tilt Cove, during Festival of St. Stephen, by Walter R. Smith Witnesses: James Alexander, Simon Gibbons, Lucy Jane Stidstone, Andrew Webber

Stonepics Headstone Database NF054 : STJ32 VAVASOUR, Jane Elizabeth (1923) - 1 photo 
Johnston, Jane Elizabeth "Jane" (I994)
216 Although the Vital Statistics death record states she was born at Caplin Bay, this is unlikely. It is more likely she was born elsewhere, quite possibly in the Renews area where the McCarthy surname is prevalent. McCarthy, Mary Joseph "Mary Jo" (I327)
217 Although there is a headstone for her husband Matthew Whelan, his first wife, and his son in Holy Trinity RC Cemetery, no headstone was found for Anne. Boland, Anne (I1469)
218 Although there was a John Rossiter is listed at Athlone (on the north side of Caplin Bay) in the Voters Lists of 1840 to 1842, earlier references suggest this individual was not "Jack" Rossiter. In 1842, this John Rossiter sold his land at Athlone, and it appears he may have left Caplin Bay. I believe the first Voter's List entry for "Jack" Rossiter was actually in 1847. His residence for that year was recorded as Road Side, but in later lists it was also recorded as Harbour or Riverhead. Rossiter, John "Jack" (I1373)
219 Although there were Kavanaghs at Ferryland in the late 1700s and early 1800s, it is not known if Patrick Kavanagh of Caplin Bay originated from that family. There were no Kavanaghs recorded at Ferryland in the Voter's Lists from 1840 - 1859, however Patrick Kavanagh appears in the Voter's List at Caplin Bay starting in 1841. There was also a Timothy Kavanagh who is listed in the Caplin Bay Voter's List from 1841 - 1845, but that is the last mention of him in any records.

Patrick had at least three sons at Caplin Bay in the 1840s and 1850s. Patrick Jr. and Martin married and raised large families at Caplin Bay and James married twice at Ferryland and raised a large family there.  
Kavanagh, Patrick (I555)
220 Although Thomas would have been eligible to vote about 1846, it was not until 1852 that his name first appeared on the Voter's List for Caplin Bay. He and his mother still had a presence at Caplin Bay in 1847 where their plantation had been under lease from Robert Carter of Ferryland since 1830. It is possible that Thomas was splitting his time by fishing at Caplin Bay during the summer, and teaching at Mobile during the winter, in an effort to regain ownership of the property. Condon, Thomas "Tom" (I38)
221 Although we know that Thomas was a fisherman/farmer all his life, a curious reference to him being a schoolteacher has shown up twice during my research. In an interview which I had with the late Allan Meaney in the early 1980s, he mentioned that his grandfather had been a sometimes "hedge teacher". I fiqured he was referring to the term "hedgerow teacher" which in Ireland, mainly in penal times, referred to someone who secretly taught Irish history and the Gaelic language behind the hedges of the countryside, after the English had outlawed it. I didn't really take much notice of this statement at the time, since I was not aware of any family folklore of scholarly inclinations within the Meaney family.

In later years I found a reference to a "J. and Mary Meaney" procuring Primers at Ferryland in 1837 which again raised my curiosity about what Allan Meaney had said. My latest finding of a marriage record for Ellen Meaney in Nova Scotia, in which she indicated that her father, Thomas, was a schoolteacher certainly ties in with some of my earlier findings. Thomas was born at Stone Island about 1843 and likely had access to schooling from an early age. It is a documented fact that his neighbour, Edward Keough, was the government paid schoolmaster there in 1846. Although, the government school inspecter who visted there in the fall of that year was not impressed with Edward, his impoverished schoolroom, and the poor attendence, records show that Edward was still in schoolmaster there in 1855. Further research is required to determine the extent of Thomas' education and whether or not he was ever an "official" teacher. 
Meaney, Thomas "Tom" (I119)
222 Amelia moved to Philadelphia (family information per Margot Duley). Vavasour, Amelia (I4801)
223 American Merchant Marine. Kavanagh, Walter J. (I561)
224 An earlier transcription of a headstone in Ferryland RC Cemetery recorded Michael's age as being 80 yrs. That headstone was not located in 2015. No Vital Statistics death record found for Michael. Power, Michael "Mike" (I669)
225 An Ellen Clancy appears in a number of Ferryland baptism and marriage records up to 1891.

Boston Weekly, August 29, 1925 "Patrick Clancey of Chicago, Illinois visited the Hub. He was born at Fermeuse and whildt there he visited with his sister, Mrs. Jackman, Bristol, Connecticut". (transcription courtesy of Enid O'Brien). As far as I can determine the Hub was a nickname that referred to the seat of the Massachusetts government - the State House - located on Beacon Hill in Boston (K.R.).

By analysing the various US records for Jackman families at Bristol, Connecticut, I concluded that the Mrs Jackman mentioned in the Boston Weekly article above was Ellen J. (Clancy) Jackman, wife of Arthur J. Jackman (born at Renews). 
Clancy, Ellen J. (I1456)
226 An entry in the Latter Day Saints IGI shows a William Henry Murry Sweetland being christened in Jan of 1811. This date should probably be Jan. 1812 and his third name should be Morry. Sweetland, William Henry Morry (I3856)
227 An index listing, but no online record, is available on I found Michael's actual death date recorded in the 1924 Lynn City Directory, page 420 - under Keefe. Keefe, Michael Joseph (I985)
228 An old headstone in the Old Cape Broyle Cemetery states that John "Lenine" died Jan 30 1894. No official death record was found for him in the Vital Statistic records. John's age, per his headstone, was 60 years. His calculated birth year (circa 1834) based on that age/death year combination doesn't make sense since he was having children by 1843. However, in a court document for 1903, his son, William states his father was "dead 28 years" at that time,so this would suggest that John had died in 1874, not 1894 as inscribed on his headstone.

Old Cape Broyle Cemetery - Erected by Patrick Lenine In Memory Of His beloved father John, d. 1/30/1894, age 60 yrs And his mother Catherine, d. __/24/1896, age 67 yrs. sister Elizabeth, d. _/20/1878? 
Denine, John (I1974)
229 Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Name: Lena Rossiter Arrival Date: May 1924 Age: 22 Birth Date: abt 1902 Birthplace: Newfoundland Birth Country: Canada Gender: Female Race/Nationality: English Port of Arrival: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Rossiter, Elina Joseph "Lena" (I1195)
230 Andrew & John Archibald declared insolvent. Garland and Graham the principle creditors. This case does not identify the relationship between Andrew and John but it is likely that they were father and son, respectively. In this era the Newfoundland economy was in terrible condition, and in an effort to survive, merchants were endeavoring to collect all outstanding debts. The domino effect was that many small fishing businesses and independent fishermen were forced into bankruptcy.  Aspell, Andrew (I5970)
231 Andrew and Mary Ellen were actually married twice, or at least went to church twice, first on 20 February 1882 and then on the 16th of July 1882. The marriage had to be performed again because the clergy become aware that a "dispensation of three banns in the third degree of kindred of affinity" should have been called before the first marriage. There are no details given as to their exact kinship. Since Andrew's father came from Trinity Bay, it seems more likely to be through Andrew's mother, Bridget Maher. Family F1903
232 Andrew appears in the Voter's Lists at Harbour Grace starting in the mid 1850s through to the mid 1860s. His place of abode per the voter's lists was Kerry Lane. He was first recorded there in the 1855 voter's list and last listed there in the 1865 voter's list. In that list, after his name, is an update notation saying "St. John's", indicating he had (presumably) moved to that city. However, in 1871 he was actually living at Cape Broyle in Ferryland District. Aspell, Andrew (I3388)
233 Andrew Ashbill, planter, supplied by Arch Graham and Jas. Brine. Graham had paid wages of two of his svts. last summer. Graham sued Brine for obtaining more than his share of Ashbill's voyage. Brine to pay Graham 7.  Aspell, Andrew (I5970)
234 Andrew Aspell listed as member of a petty jury at Harbour Grace. Aspell, Andrew (I3388)
235 Andrew Asple (sic) given Crown Land Grant # 3274 just east of Tar Cove, near Admiral's Cove, Cape Broyle, Newfoundland. Aspell, Andrew (I3388)
236 Andrew's headstone notes the death of a daughter, transcribed as "Mary A.", aged 3 wks.". No baptism record can be found for a Mary A., so it appears likely that the child who died was Mary Joseph who was baptised on 27 Jun 1890. (Kevin Reddigan). Keough, Mary Joseph (I235)
237 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1841-1846 - VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B Ann Eliza VAVASOUR Thomas & Catherine PYNN b Dec 26 1845 bap Mar 8 1846 St. Johns baker [parents] Married 1840 St Thos Ang Ch.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810 - 1890) - MARRIAGE Name recorded as Ann Lousia - Bride was the daughter of the late Mr. Vavasour.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810 - 1890) - DEATH Name recorded as Ann Eliza Carter - aged 45 - wife of John Carter. 
Vavasour, Ann Eliza (I4905)
238 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1841-1846 - VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B John McKINNON John & n/g (? Alice) (? nee VAVASOUR) b Aug 16 1844 bap not given St. Johns master mariner [John McKINNON & Alice VAVASOUR were married 1822?]. McKinnon, John (I4871)
239 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1841-1846 - VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B Theresa VAVASOUR Thomas & Catherine - b Jan 28 1844 bap July 14 1844 St. Johns not given

I never found any other mention of this individual whose bastism name was transcribed as Theresa. I have not checked the originals to see if this was an error, but have wondered if the name was actually Thomas. There was a Thomas Vavasour who married M. Power in 1868. They may have had a son Thomas Vavasour who appears to have worked for the GPO (General Post Office). He died in 1919. I could not associate him with any other Vavasour in the Anglican records. Given that Power is usually an Roman Catholic surname, it is possible he was raised RC.

Devine and Omaras - 1897 St. John's City Directory VAVASOUR THOMAS J. P.O. CLERK MUNDY POND RD

McAlpine's 1904 Directory - City of St. John's District Pleasant runs from New Gower to Patrick 156 VAVASOUR Thomas

McAlpine 1913 City Directory - City of St. John's Vavasour Thomas emp Gen Post Office h Brazil's Field

The Daily News - St. John's - 1919 Oct. 10. - Thomas F. VAVASOUR, G.P.O. 
Vavasour, Theresa (I4907)
240 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1841-1846 -VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B Elizabeth VAVASOUR James & Elizabeth SKINNER b Mar 7 1846 bap May 24 1846 St. Johns sailor

Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810 - 1890) - MARRIAGE Bride was the only daughter of the late James Vavasour. 
Vavasour, Elizabeth (I4906)
241 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1847-1848 - VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B Catharine Jane VAVASOUR Thomas & Cath. PYNN not given bap Apr 16 1848 not given not given

Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810 - 1890) - DEATH Deceased was the daughter of Thomas Vavasour, baker. Funeral held from her home, Marsh Hill, St. John's. 
Vavasour, Catherine Jane (I4903)
242 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Baptisms 1835-1840 VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B

Elizabeth SAMZED (LAMZED) John & Elizabeth VAVASOR b Dec 4 1839 bap Jan 1 1840 St. Johns shipmaster 
Lambshead, Elizabeth (I4914)
243 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Baptisms 1835-1840 VITAL STATISTICS Volume 26B

William LAMZED John & Elizabeth VAVASOR b Nov 11 1835 bap Nov 29 1835 
Lambshead, William (I4902)
244 Ann and her brother, John, were baptised in the St. Luke's Anglican Church at Ferryland, Newfoundland on the same day. No birth dates or place of birth were given in the church records. However, on John's Seaman's Certificate issued to him in 1852, it is stated that John was born at St. John's, Newfoundland.

Ann's age was given as 75 in her Newfoundland Vital Statistics record so it is possible that she could have been born as early as 1822. 
Munn, Ann Eliza (I6397)
245 Ann Hart wid. George h. Military Road Munn, Ann Eliza (I6397)
246 Anne Grimley's origin is unknown. The surname appears to be non-existent in early Newfoundland but Anne may have been an English or Irish immigrant. Given than many men were sea-farers who travelled to many ports, especially along the eastern seaboard, they may have met outside of Newfoundland.  Grimley, Anne (I6273)
247 Anne recorded as Gathral in transcribed marriage record. Gatherall, Anne (I1434)
248 Anne was the daughter of John Brennan and Mary Sliney (Slaney) of Ferryland. Brennan, Anne Joseph "Annie" (I152)
249 Anne's twin sister (Mary Kearsey) gave her birth date as Mar 1855 in Newfoundland Census 1921.

Free Press, ST. John's, NF - February 1904 CAREW - On the 9th inst., at Admiral's Cove, Cape Broyle, after a long and painful illness, Anna, beloved wife of Peter CAREW, and daughter of Ellie and the late James O'BRIEN. 
O' Brien, Anne (I1704)
250 Annie is shown living with her aunt (Mary (Hagan) Harte) at Blomidon, Fermeuse in the 1921 census. The information about her marriage is from the priest's comments in her baptism record. The notes indicate that the couple required a dispensation (Disp. Consang. III Degree) to marry. Annie and Ernie were second cousins.

Source Information: Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2006. Original data: Boston, Massachusetts. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1891-1943. Micropublication T843. RG085. Rolls # 1-454. National Archives, Washington, D.C. Boston, Massachusetts. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1820-1891. Micropublication M277. RG036. Rolls #1-115. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

The manifest of the ship Nova Scotia indictaed that Annie Swain of Calvert, Newfoundland, 19 yrs, 11 mths., single, schooltearcher, arrived at Boston on 3 October 1927 from the port of St. John's. Her next of kin in Newfoundland was her father Joseph Swain of Calvert. Her next of kin in the US was her sister Mrs. Beatrice Johnson living at 374 Lovell St. E., Boston, MA, She is described as 5'4", with fair complexion and hair,blue eyes. She had been living at Fermeuse, Newfoundland before leaving. 
Swain, Annie Joseph (I33)

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