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51 1921 Census - Whitbourne, Newfoundland

FOLEY; Mary F Head widow 1859 Oct 61 Ferryland NF
FOLEY; Clarence M Son single 1890 May 31 Whitbourne NF FOLEY; Bride F Dau single 1891 Dec 29 Whitbourne NF
FOLEY; Patrick M Son single 1895 Jan 26 Whitbourne NF
FOLEY; Agnes F Dau single 1896 Jan 25 Whitbourne NF
FOLEY; Frank M Son single 1898 May 23 Whitbourne NF
FOLEY; George F [sic] Son single 1900 Jan 21 Whitbourne NF

3. Edward Foley (Thomas) was born in Brigus, Newfoundland 1830. Edward died 1914 in Whitbourne, Newfoundland, at 84 years of age. His body was interred 1914 in Brigus, Newfoundland.

He married Mary Suzanne Geary in Ferryland, Newfoundland, 1885 ??. Mary was born in Ferryland, Newfoundland Oct 1859. Mary was the daughter of Francis Geary.

Edward Foley and Mary Suzanne Geary had the following children:

i. Augustus Foley.
ii. Mary Foley.
iii. Thomas Foley was born in Whitbourne, Newfoundland 1886. Thomas died 1906 in Whitbourne, Newfoundland, at 20 years of age.
iv. Clarence Foley was born in Whitbourne, Newfoundland May 1890.
v. Bridget Foley was born in Whitbourne, Newfoundland Dec 1891. 
Geary, Mary (I1609)
52 1921 Newfoundland Census ------------------------------ 115 115 HAGAN Thomas M Head Married 1883 Oct 37 Fermeuse
HAGAN Mary F Wife Married 1884 Oct 36 Branch, St. Mary's
HAGAN Margaret F Daug Single 1906 Aug 15 Fermeuse
HAGAN John M Son Single 1909 Mar 13 Fermeuse
HAGAN Annie F Daug Single 1910 Apr 11 Fermeuse
HAGAN Patrick M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Fermeuse
HAGAN Clarence M Son Single 1919 May 2 Fermeuse
HAGAN Mary F Daug Single 1921 Aug 4 Days Fermeuse

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery, Fermeuse HAGEN THOMAS JOSEPH JUNE 28 1946 67YRS S 174

Hagan, Thomas Joseph (I5343)
53 1921 Newfoundland Census St John's West - Ward 5 - PAGE 106

378 - 651 (Cabot Street?)

TOBIN, James J M Head Married 1872 Feb 49 Cape Broyle TOBIN, Annie F Wife Married 1873 Apr 48 Cape Broyle TOBIN, Michael M Son Single 1905 Jany 16 St John's TOBIN, Gerrard M Son Single 1907 June 14 St John's TOBIN, James M Son Single 1908 June 13 St John's TOBIN, Mary F Daughter Single 1912 Feb 9 St John's TOBIN, Florence F Daughter Single 1915 June 6 St John's 
Tobin, James Joseph (I3027)
54 1922


An accident that ended fatally, occurred at Ferryland on Saturday afternoon, the victim being James CLOWE, a fisherman of that place. The accident was a peculiar one. Deceased was returning home from the fishing grounds in his motor boat and was leaning over the engine house when the fly wheel of the 7-horse power engine came off and smashing the woodwork, struck CLOWE with terrific force in the abdomen. He was knocked unconscious and on reaching shore was attended to by Dr. FREEBAIRN, while Rev. Father MAHER was also called. On recovering consciousness, it was seen that he was hurt internally, but it was not thought his conditions was so serious. Yesterday his condition became worse, however, and he suffered intense pain and it was deemed advisable to have him sent to the General Hospital. Sir. M. P. CASHIN received a message yesterday at noon telling him of the accident and as it was impossible to take him to the city by motor, asking that a steamer be sent. Sir Michael immediately arranged to send the Cabot and at 3.30 p.m. yesterday the ship left for Ferryland. Captain DALTON lost no time in getting there and at 7.40 last evening the ship left with the injured man on board. He was accompanied by his brother and another relative. All possible for his comfort on board the steamer was done but shortly after passing Cape Broyle he passed away. The Cabot thereupon returned to Ferryland with the body, where there is universal sympathy felt over his untimely end. Deceased, who was 24 years of age is survived by a widow and one child. 
Clowe, James Edward (I3737)
55 1935 Census of Newfoundland. - District of Ferryland - Section from Renews to Cape Race

Roche, John Head 65 Renews 200 7 Fisherman 100No Roche, Mary G. Wife 53 Renews Homemaker Boland, James Stepson 20 Renews Fisherman 100 W Boland, Angela Stepdaughter 18 Renews Housework W Boland, Patrick J. Stepson 15 Renews Students W 
Roche, John (I1419)
56 1945 Census - District of St. John's West - St. John's City (East) - Ward 5

HEALEY Helen H Wife F W 53 Hr Grace St. John's HEALEY Maxwell Son M S 25 St. John's St. John's HEALEY Patrick Son M S 23 St. John's St. John's HEALEY Thomas Son M M 20 St. John's St. John's HEALEY Mary Daughter in law F M 19 St. John's St. John's 
Eleanor (I4641)
57 1945 Newfoundland Census - Cape Broyle: Catherine Greene, 89, is shown living in her own house. Fewer, Catherine "Kate" (I3597)

Accoding to family information, Ivor was adopted and his birth surname was Stowe. One of his uncle's later married his (adopted) sister Alice. 
Vavasour, Ivor Gordon (I4850)
59 1st Battalion - Royal Newfoundland Regiment #1126 Aspell, Cpl. John Joseph "Jack" (I6032)
60 26 March 1894 M9 James Rice James Rice, Elizabeth Whelan Cape Broyle. Newfoundland Frederick Joy, Emily Rice Mary Larkin Edward Larkin, Nora Blanche Placentia, Newfoundland  Family F1679
61 3 Johanna Culleton b: Abt. 1847 ............... +William Hopkins ................. 4 William Joseph Hopkins b: October 21, 1872 ................. 4 Anastasia Mary May Hopkins b: May 23, 1877 ...................... +Harry Shockro ........................ 5 Catherine Shockro b: 1907 ............................ +Harold S. Crowley Sr. .............................. 6 Harold S. Crowley Jr ........................ 5 Mary Shockro ........................ 5 Harry Shockro ........................ 5 Florence Shockro ........................ 5 James Shockro ........................ 5 Betty Shockro ................. 4 Ellen Joseph Hopkins b: October 15, 1880 ................. 4 Rachel Joseph Hopkins b: December 12, 1881 ................. 4 Henry Martin Hopkins b: May 13, 1884 ................. 4 Ann Hopkins Culleton, Johanna (I4560)
62 59th Artillery Regiment - WW II. Sullivan, Robert J. "Rob" (I351)
63 80 YEARS

Sister Clotilde Jones traveled from her home in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland, Canada, to enter the Clinton Franciscans in 1922 and later to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. After nearly 70 years of ministry in housekeeping and food service, Sister Clotilde became an active volunteer at the Good Shepherd Christian Victory Center in Clinton, assisting with the re-sale shop and ministry to the homeless. Her earlier ministry was at the hospitals then owned and operated by the congregation in Iowa: St. Francis Hospital, Grinnell, and Mercy Hospital, Burlington, now Burlington Medical Center, and at St. Francis Hospital, Macomb, Ill., and later at The Alverno Health Care Facility, Clinton. Sister Clotilde has been living at The Alverno since 1996. 
Jones, Johanna (I2720)
64 1921 Census- Belle Island - West Mines

FARRELL; James J. M Head Married 1869 Feb 52 Brigus
FARRELL; Mary F Wife Married 1871 Oct 50 Topsail
FARRELL; Edward M Son Single 1901 Jan 20 Topsail
FARRELL; Mathew M Son Single 1901 Dec 19 Bell Island
FARRELL; Vincent M Son Single 1916 Mar 15 Bell Island
FARRELL; Benedict M Son Single 1908 Dec 12 Bell Island
FLANNERY; Annie F MIL Widow 1829 Aug 92 St. John's
ROACH; Mary F Niec Single 1904 Dec 16 Topsail 
Farrell, Edward Thomas "Ned" (I4403)
65 1921 Newfoundland Census - Battery Road - St.John's East
ASPELL, John M head Marr 1857 Apr 64 Ferryland
ASPELL, Ellen F wife Marr 1865 56 St.John's
QUIRKE, Patrick M stpson Sing 1894 Dec 27 St.John's
QUIRKE, Ellen F stpdau Sing 1898 23 St.John's 
Family F1899
66 1921 Newfoundland Census - Island Cove, Cape Broyle
LENINE William M Head Married 1843 Jun 78 Island Cove
LENINE Julia F Wife Married 1861 Oct 59 St. John's

LENINE John M Head Married 1886 Jan 35 St. John's
LENINE Mary F. F Wife Married 1900 Jun 21 St. John's
LENINE William Patrick M Son Single 1921 Jul 1m Island Cove

Family F680
67 1921 Newfoundland Census - St. John's West District.
DANINE Patrick M Head Married 1895 Oct 26 Cape, Broyle
DANINE Margaret F Wife Married 1898 July 23 St. Mary's
Denine, Patrick Joseph (I3061)
68 Bell Island RC Cemetery
Farrell Mary J 08/24/1943
Farrell J.J 2/20/1865 10/06/1954 
Farrell, Edward Thomas "Ned" (I4403)
69 Births, Deaths and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers 1810-1890

Bride was the youngest daughter of George and Catherine Grant. Marriage performed by Rev. Clancey, P.P., Ferryland. 
Family F1061
70 Births, Deaths and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers 1810-1890
Deceased was the wife of the late George Grant.

The fact that Catherine's death was reported in the St. John's newspaper could indicate she was born there or had relatives living there. 
Murphy, Catherine (I6238)
71 Births, Deaths and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers 1810-1890
Deceased was the youngest daughter of Michael and Catherine Power. 
Power, Sarah Bridget (I673)
72 Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810-1890)
DEATH 16 October 1885 - Mary Anne Shallow - aged 28 Deceased was the second daughter of the late Andrew Shallow of Fermeuse and granddaughter of the late Edward Keough of Cape Broyle [sic]. Died at the N.D. Convent, Boston. "In the religious order she was known as Sister Mary St. Theresa." 
Shallow, Sr. Anne Mary (I1339)
73 Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1810-1890)
MARRIAGE 11 October 1885 - Maggie Shallow - Boston (South), Massachusetts, USA Bride was eldest daughter of the late Andrew Shallow of Fermeuse. 
Family F1499
74 Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1825-1890)
Royal Gazette- August 6, 1872 - Stephenson, John Esq. The Sheriff of the Southern District died Wednesday last at Ferryland at the age of 72. He was a servant of the Crown for 40 years. 
Stephenson, Sheriff John Joseph (I4112)
75 Births, Deaths, Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers (1825-1890) Gregory, Catherine, wife of Thomas(?) Gregory, daughter of James Walsh of Caplin Bay, died at Little Bay Mines - [June] 28th. July 8/84 GN. Walsh, Catherine "Kate" (I1393)
76 Connecticut City Directories

Bristol, Plainville, Terryville Directory - 1932 - Page 438 - 73 Summer St. Foley, Elizabeth Mrs.

Bristol, Plainville, Terryville Directory - 1933 - Page 426 - 73 Summer St. Foley, Elizabeth Mrs.

Bristol, Plainville, Terryville Directory, 1939. New Haven, Conn.: Price and Lee, 1939 - Page 548 71 Summer - Foley Mrs. E. 
Kelly, Elizabeth "Bessie" (I1119)
77 Connecticut City Directories
1/ Bristol City Directory - 1922: 94 Valley: Fahey, John; Johnston, John T
2/ Bristol City Directory - 1924: 94 Valley. Page 335: Fahey, John; Johnston, John T
3/ Bristol City Directory - 1925: 94 Valley, Page 366: Fahey, John; Johnston, John
4/ Bristol Directory - 1930: 94 Valley, Page 419: Fahey, Mrs Margaret; Johnston, John T
5/ Bristol Directory - 1931: 94 Valley. Page 433: Johnston, John T
6/ Bristol Directory - 1932: 94 Valley, Page 441: Johnston, John T 
Johnston, John Thomas (I301)
78 Connecticut City Directories
Bristol (1925) Directory - Page 127 Foley Elizabeth wid Thomas , h 73 Summer - Patrick J, emp EIngCo, res 73 Summer

Bristol, Plainville, and Terryville Directory, 1927. New Haven, Conn.: Price and Lee, 1927. Page 148 Foley Elizabeth wid Thomas , h 73 Summer - Patrick J, emp EIngCo, r 73 Summer

Bristol, Plainville, Terryville Directory, 1929. New Haven, Conn.: Price and Lee, 1929. Page 157 Foley Elizabeth wid Thomas , h 73 Summer - Patrick J, emp Veeder Root Inc., r 73 Summer  
Kelly, Elizabeth "Bessie" (I1119)
79 Connecticut City Directories
Source: Bristol, Plainville, and Terryville Directory, 1923. New Haven, Conn.: Price and Lee, 1923. Page 246 - Bristol Street Guide Divinity 315 - Foley John

Source: Bristol, Plainville, and Terryville Directory, 1924. New Haven, Conn.: Price and Lee, 1924. Page 277 - Bristol Street Guide Divinity 315 - Foley John 
Foley, John J. (I1472)
80 Daily News, St. John's - Fri. Oct. 19, 1894 MARRIAGES:
McINNIS - HAYDEN - At the R. C. Cathedral, on October 17th, by the Very Rev. Father SCOTT, Mr. Michael McINNIS, of Prince Edward Island, to Miss Bridget HAYDEN, of Ferryland.

The actual marriage record states that the groom's name was Michael McGinnis of Marelle (Morell), Prince Edward Island. The bride's name is given as Bridget Haden, dau. of Thomas and Margaret Haden (no hometown given). At the time of their marriage, both of them were living on Cabot St., St. John's. 
Family F1735
81 Directories and Voter's Lists
McAlpine's 1894-97 Directory - Ferryland District - Caplin Bay: Clancey Walter, fisherman.
McAlpine's 1898 Directory - Ferryland District - Caplin Bay: Clancy Walter, fisherman.
McAlpine's 1904 Directory - Ferryland District - Caplin Bay: Clancy Walter, fisherman.
1908 - Voter's List - Caplin Bay - Ferryland District: Clancy, Walter. 
Clancy, Walter (I583)
82 Evening Telegram: Sept. 25 1912 FATAL ACCIDENT AT BELL ISLAND
Patrick Scurry, a Native of St. John's Fell off Ore Car and had Two Legs Crushed - Injuries Prove Fatal:

Yesterday a serious accident occurred at the Nova Scotia Company's pier at Bell Island, in which Patrick Scurry, aged 62, and a native of St. John's, had both his legs almost crushed to a pulp. He was brought to the General Hospital and arrived there at 11 o'clock last night where he died from injuries received after a lapse of 3 hours.

The facts as gleaned today by a Telegram reporter are: The victim, Patrick Scurry, who is an employee of the Dominion Iron and Steel Company was off from work on a weeks holidays. He had made arrangements to go through the mines of the Nova Scotia Company for the purpose of witnessing the work carried on and yesterday after his dinner left home to pay a visit. He proceeded to the Scotia's pier which was reached about 4 o'clock and got upon an empty ore car which runs to the mines. Shortly after the car was in motion Scurry was thrown off and almost instantaneously another car which was coming out of the mines in an opposite direction and filled with ore, passed over the lower limbs of his body, crushing and mangling them fearfully. The victim was picked up in an apparent lifeless state and tenderly borne to a nearby residence. The Company physician, Dr. Ireland, who was called into requisition, pronounced Scurry's injuries to be of a dangerous character and advised that he be sent to the General Hospital. In the meantime the physician gave the best treatment he could to the patient who did not regain conscious[ness]. Inspector General Sulivan at this end was acquainted with the accident by telephone and asked t have a conveyance ready at 8 o'clock at Portugal Cove to meet the patient who was accompanied by Dr. Ireland. On arrival, according to L.G. Sullivan, with typical promptness, ordered out the special ambulance, which left the city in charge of cabman M. Kelly. After he was transferred from the Bell Island steamer to the ambulance, Scurry was in a critical condition and received the unremitting care and attention of Dr. Ireland en route to the Hospital, which was reached at 11 o'clock. Up to this the injured man was unconscious. At 2 o'clock this morning he succumbed to his injuries, death being due to the awful shock.

The sad occurrence has created sympathy in St. John's as well as on Bell Island. The deceased was an employee for many years with the firm Goodridge & Sons and later carried on a fishing business for two years on the Southern Shore. Subsequently he went to Bell Island where he brought his wife and family to reside. To the bereaved family, relatives and friends the Telegram joins in the much sympathy expressed. 
Scurrey, Patrick (I5990)
83 Ferryland District - Surrogate Court Records - (ca 1800 - 1820's)

January 9, 1816 - Morry, Matthew Junior - Husband of Robert Carter?s granddaughter: Sanders, Ann Witnesses: Tree, Francis & Sweetland, Benjamin

January 9, 1816 - Morry, Matthew Junior - Settled the division of fishing rooms with : Sanders, Richard. Witness: Sanders, Robert

Daily News - St. John's - June 15, 1867

On Thursday morning, 6th inst., after a long illness, Ann, widow of the late Matthew MORRY, Esq., J. P., Caplin Bay, aged 76 years. 
Saunders, Anne (I1015)
84 Find-a-Grave Transcription Birth:Oct. 31, 1844; Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; Death:Apr. 20, 1904; Boston; Suffolk County; Massachusetts, USA. "Born in Firland* (sic) Newfoundland the daughter of Edward Keefe born in Ireland & Margaret Ros[s]iter born in Firland* (sic), Newfoundland. She was the wife of James Kelly."

* a spelling based on an earlier Newfoundland pronunciation of Ferryland. 
Keefe, Anastasia (I4709)
85 Harbor Grace Standard & Conception Bay Advertiser 1881 - 1889
1885 - Death On the 10th. September at Notre Dame Convent, Boston, Sister Mary St. Teresa (in religion Annie Mary) aged 25 years, second daughter of the late Edward KEOUGH, Caplin Bay.

Annie Mary's age given here appears to be incorrect, and it is likely that her name in religion was actually Sister Mary St. Teresa. 
Keough, Annie Mary (I4409)
86 Holy Trinity RC Cemetery
GREGORY - James Gregory, died 26 August 1887; 31 yrs. also father Peter, died 8 June 1872; 52 yrs. 
Gregory, James (I1392)
87 Household Members:
Name Age
Roger J Pike 70
Alice A Pike 60
Margaret A Pike 27
Cathenia E Pike 24
Roger J R Pike 22
Family F251
88 Inscription
in memory of
Wm. Glacott
son of
Wm. & Catherine
born March 20.
died the 30. 1830
aged 10 days

William was noted as being buried in the Presbyterian section of the cemetery. 
Glascott, William (I6436)
89 Journal of the House of Assembly - Newfoundland - 1862 Page 114
Shipwrecked Crews Relief 1861 - April 12: Swift, Callahan master, lost at Point of Feather, 7th April: Thomas Foley, Andrew Haley and Michael Brian to go home to Caplin Bay from St. John's. 0 15 0 
Foley, Thomas Joseph (I830)
90 Robert Carter's Ferryland Diary, 1832-1852
Sat. July 16, 1842 - "Measles still at Capelin Bay where they have been spreading for some time, scarcely a house escaping having it among the family. No case of it here yet. It was brought from St. John's by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, daughter of Jane Johnston."

Strangely, her mother is referred to as Jane Johnston, not as Jane Fitzpatrick. There was no mention found of Elizabeth after this 1842 reference to her. 
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Jane (I4624)
91 Seary's Names of the Island of Newfoundland
ASPELL, a surname of England and Ireland; in England from the English place names Aspall (Suffolk) or Aspal (Lancashire), or (dweller in the) valley overgrown with aspens, or (dweller on the) aspen hill. In Ireland, Aspell is a variant of Archbold (Archibald) in east Leinster. (Bardsley, Ekwall, MacLysaght).

In Newfoundland it appears that, except for one family who appears briefly in the Church of England records at St. John's, the Aspell families were all of Irish Roman Catholic origin. Where details of their origins are recorded, the Aspell settlers are all identified as being from Co. Wexford, Ireland. In surviving records, the surname has been recorded under multiple variants and spellings i.e. Archbold, Archibald, Aspel, Aspell, Aspil, Asbell, Aspbell etc., etc. One of the earliest mentions of the Aspell surname in Newfoundland (recorded under one of its variants) was at Trinity, Trinity Bay in 1752. At that time, the Church of England clergy were responsible for collecting funds in the area for the support of the destitute, orphans, etc. The surviving Trinity court records for that year show that a Capt. John "Archibald" was assessed 15 shillings as his contribution to this fund.

In 1800-1801, a "Return of the Number of Houses, Inhabitants, etc" was conducted in Trinity Bay which shows that a home and a fishing room were being occupied by two men named Archibald and Mealey. They were located at Rider's Harbour, Random Island. The return tells us that William Mealey was the proprietor of the fishing premises, which had two boats. It also tells us that one man (unspecified) was married, and up until that time, there were five children in his family, two boys and three girls. All eight people in the household were Roman Catholic. Based on various church records, for individuals recorded under the various spellings of the Aspell surname, it is likely that the family was that of Andrew Archibald (Aspell), his wife Bridget, and their five children John, Patrick, Bridget, Mary and Catherine.

Analysis of surviving records indicates that Rider's Harbour, up until the late 1830s, was considered (for the most part) a Roman Catholic settlement. One historian explains, that based on folklore of that area, their eventual departure was due to a feud spawned by a love triangle which divided the Roman Catholic population. The statistics of the 1857 Census indicate that the population of the settlement had greatly declined, and none of the residents living at Rider's Harbour were Roman Catholic by that time.

After the Aspells left Rider's Harbour, they initially settled in other settlements in Newfoundland mainly at Harbour Grace and St. John's. In these two locations, the Aspell/ Archbold etc. surname was already present. It had been established there by unrelated Aspell settlers who had come directly from Co. Wexford, Ireland. From these two towns, some Aspell family members eventually moved again settling at Ferryland and Cape Broyle, while others chose to immigrate to Montreal and New Brunswick, Canada. Eventually the family who settled at Ferryland also moved to Montreal. The Aspell families who settled in Tar Cove, Cape Broyle (via Harbour Grace) form most of today's Aspell presence in Newfoundland.

From what I can determine, most families bearing the Aspell surname in Newfoundland, and their like-named distant cousins in other locations, can trace their ancestry directly back to Capt. John Archibald. I could find no indication that any surviving Aspells were direct descendants of other Aspell families who settled in Newfoundland. Of course, in addition to those bearing the actual Aspell surname, we know there are also other families who can trace their family roots through generations of female descendants of Capt. John Archibald. 
Aspell, Captain John (I5314)
92 St. Bernard's RC Cemetery - Thomaston, Knox, Maine, United States.
Eagan, Beatrice J. Johnston - Sept. 9, 1900; Sept. 9, 1941. (nee Swain). Born Caplin Bay, NF
Swain, Mary Beatrice J. (I29)
93 St. Bernard's RC Cemetery - Thomaston, Knox, Maine, United States.
Eagan, Thomas J. - Feb. 13, 1902; July 24, 1989. Born Fermeuse, NF 
Eagan, Thomas Joseph (I4673)
94 St. Patrick's RC Church - Montreal, Quebec - 1876 - 1899
Oct. 28 1895 M85 Robert O'Brien PARENTS: Henry O'Brien (dec) and Elizabeth O'Brien (dec) & Rose Condon PARENTS: Kyran Condon (dec.) and Ellen Downey. WITNESSES: John McGrath and Amelia Condon, cousin to the bride. REMARKS: Bride is from NFLD and is the minor daughter.

Family F1309
95 St. Paul's CE Parish.
In this era there was no Roman Catholic parish established in the Trinity/Bonavista Bay area. A priest from St. John's traveled out annually and performed baptisms and marriages in the outlying settlements. It appears that John and Bridget grew impatient so they decided to get married by the Anglican minister at Trinity. The groom and bride's names were recorded there as John Archibald and Bridget Brunnick. In September of that year, when the Roman Catholic priest finally arrived, their marriage was also solemnized within that religion. 
Family F902
96 The St. John's Daily News: DEATHS:
O'BRIEN - On Saturday after a lingering illness, Mary O'BRIEN, daughter of Rose and the late Robert O'BRIEN. Funeral will take place this afternoon from the residence of her uncle, J. K. CONDON, 37 Henry St.. Friends will please attend without further notice. - RIP 
O' Brien, Mary (I4413)
97 US Military Service- WWII

Name: Roger J Pike JR
Birth Year: 1917
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Massachusetts
State: Massachusetts County or City: Middlesex
Enlistment Date: 1 Aug 1942
Civil Life Education: Grammar school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 70 Weight: 151 
Pike, Roger Joseph (I833)
98 A 1993 inscription of headstones indicates that Joseph's name was included on the very bottom his father's headstone. It appears the inscription was covered up when the headstone was repaired with concrete. Sullivan, Joseph (I1225)
99 A collection of church records, some on pre-printed forms. Church source and purpose unknown. Source (S85)
100 A copy of Martin's birth certificate shows he was born in 1888, not 1887 as states in the SSDI. Crannan, Martin James (I5665)

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