Family Names of Calvert (Caplin Bay), Newfoundland

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S142 Carnell's Funeral Home
2 S141  A Pilgrimage of Faith: A History of the Southern Shore From Bay Bulls to St. Shott's
Frank Galgay and others 
3 S102  Some Ferryland Residents since 1597
Colony of Avalon Foundation 
4 S132 1851 Census of Canada
5 S133 1851 England Census
6 S126 1860 United States Census
7 S136 1861 Census of Canada
8 S134 1861 England Census
9 S127 1865 State Census
10 S131 1870 United States Census
11 S121 1871 Census of Canada and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1871 Census of Canada [database on-line]. 
12 S135 1871 England Census
13 S98 1880 United States Census 
14 S114 1881 Census of Canada and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
15 S104 1891 Census of Canada 
16 S64 1900 United States Federal Census 
17 S12 1901 Census of Canada 
18 S82 1910 United States Federal Census 
19 S11 1911 Census of Canada 
20 S76 1920 United States Federal Census 
21 S106 1921 Census of Canada 
22 S30 1921 Newfoundland Census
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
23 S94 1930 United States Federal Census 
24 S25 1935 Newfoundland Census
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
25 S95 1940 United States Federal Census 
26 S79 1945 Newfoundland Census
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
27 S107 A Ferryland Merchant - Magistrate. The Journal and Cases of Robert Carter, Esq. J.P. - Volume II 1841 1852
Edited by Barnable, Curran & Baker 
28 S130 A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland, Volume 1, 8th Edition
Sir Bernard Burke 
29 S86 A Place to Belong - Come Home Year 2015 | Calvert | Newfoundland.
Calvert Come Home Year Committee 
30 S18 A Register of the Families, Inhabitants in the District of Ferryland, 1800
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
31 S89 - Various Event Records.
32 S90 Approximate date based on another recorded event
Reddigan, Kevin 
33 S54 Basilica of St. John the Baptist RC Parish (St. John's) - Baptisms
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
34 S87 Basilica of St. John the Baptist RC Parish (St. John's) - Marriages
35 S83 Bay Bulls Genealogy
St. Patrick's School 
36 S44 Bay Bulls/ Witless Bay RC Baptisms 1830 - 1900
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
37 S78 Bay Bulls/Witless Bay RC Marriages 1830 - 1900
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
38 S125 Between Sea and Sky
Parsons, Robert C. 
39 S97 Birth Death Marriage Records for Ireland
The Irish Family History Foundation 
40 S37 Birth Registration Index - City of Victoria, British Columbia
41 S33 Births, Deaths and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers 1810-1890
Maritime History Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland 
42 S103 Bureau of Vital Statistics
43 S19 Calling All Condons
Delaney, Audrey Condon and Judy Potter Baird 
44 S120 Cape Broyle - Come Home Year Book - 2000 -History
Various Contributors 
45 S91 Cemeteries of St. John's, Newfoundland
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
46 S100 Cemetery Transcriptions - Newfoundland
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
47 S34 Church of England Baptisms - Ferryland District
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
48 S77 Church of England Baptisms - St. John's Cathedral
49 S31 Church of England Burials - Ferryland District
Newfoundland's Grand Banks 
50 S137 Church of England Burials - St. John's

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