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 Forge Hill Anglican Cemetery, Ferryland, Ferryland District, Newfoundland, Canada

Latitude: 47.031795510469685, Longitude: -52.882945239543915
Forge Hill Anglican Cemetery

This cemetery was referred to in earlier times as the North Side Burial Ground. In more recent times is has been referred to as Fox Hill or Forge Hill Cemetery. It is located along Route 10 in the town of Ferryland (opposite the the former Morry fishing premises) on a slope overlooking the Harbour and its islands, The Downs, and Ferryland Head. This cemetery was consecrated by Church of England Bishop, John Inglis, of Nova Scotia on July 15 1827. The cemetery was used mainly for Anglican burials however, over the years deceased individuals from shipwrecks, believed to be Protestants, have also been buried here.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
No Headstone/Marker - Ferryland - Forge Hill Anglican Cemetery
No Headstone/Marker - Ferryland - Forge Hill Anglican Cemetery
Individuals for whom no headstone or marker is visible.  
Unmarked    James Johnston (d. Abt 18 Oct 1880)

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