High Road, Calvert, Newfoundland - circa mid 1930s.


High Road This photo looks towards the north-west from halfway up "The Hill" on the "High Road" leading to Ferryland. At the bottom of "The Hill" was the junction where the "High Road" turned west (left) towards St. John's (via Cape Broyle, etc.). The junction also accessed the road to The Point and the road to the North Side of Calvert. It appears from the fences still protruding into the roadway that people were not keen to relinquish their property to allow widening of the main road. The road along this stretch of the "High Road" (now Route 10) was upgraded on several occasions, and people had land expropriated from the 1840s onwards, sometimes receiving small amount of compensations for its use. It is interesting to note that the large home built by Benjamin Sweetland, who conducted the first road survey in 1835/36, can be seen over the roof of the house in the left foreground. Over the right side of the same roof can be seen several houses of the Boland family located at The Cross.

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