Family Names of Calvert (Caplin Bay), Newfoundland

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Family: James Bernard Power / Margaret Ann Harvey (F330)

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James Power
Male (1841-1898)
Ellen Walsh
Female (1846-1929)
John Joseph Power
Male (1878-1881)
Mary Alice Power
Female (1882- )
Mary Emma Power
Female (1885-1925)
Patrick Harvey
Male (1863-1940)
Bridget Prendergast
Female (1867-1933)
William David Harvey
Male (1899-1979)
Thomas Harvey
Male (1902-1944)
Louis Harvey
Male (1902-1985)
Bridget Harvey
Female (1903-1976)
Fred Harvey
Male (1905-1967)
Mary Harvey
Female (1907-1995)
John Harvey
Male (1908-1970)
James Bernard Power
Male (1880-1964)
Margaret Ann Harvey
Female (1894-1977)
Florence M. Power
Female (1920-2005)
Bridget Power
Female (1923-1947)
Ellen Marie Power
Female (1923-2004)
Mary Emma Power
Female (1926-1940)

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