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25 Oct 1848 - Married On the 9th inst, in St. Paul's, Trinity, the Rev Bertram JONES to Emma, eldest daughter of Benjamin SWEETLAND Esq, J.P.

Note: Their marriage record shows that Rev. Jones was minister of Bonavista, but his name also appears earlier as minister at Trinity. The witnesses at the marriage were B.T. Carter and N. Sweetland.(K.R.)

TRINITY BAY MARRIAGES - St. Paul's Anglican Church Records - October 9, 1848 ? January 18, 1851

This is to certify that BERTRAM JONES, Minister of Christ Church, Bonavista, Bachelor, and EMMA SWEETLAND of Trinity, Spinster, were married at St. Paul?s Church this 9th day of October, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Eight by me, Todd Thos. Jones, Asst. Min. This marriage was solemnized between us ? Bertram Jones, Emma Sweetland, in the presence of us: Thos M Woods, Rector of Trinity; R Sweetland, Tryphena?  
Family F589
2 "Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 3 January 2015), 004341194 > image 1001 of 1051; Massachusetts Archives, Boston.

Surname transcribed incorrectly as Kufe on 
Keefe, Richard (I5399)
3 (WW II, Service# - 971708) Boland, Robert Patrick "Rob" (I303)
4 US Census information for Michael Keefe based on transcriptions.

This is an extract of information taken from the various US Censuses. Be aware that census information is often fraught with incorrect information due to a lack of knowledge of specific family details, a misunderstanding of questions asked and/or answers given. Enumerators were left to "create" their own spellings, and often had to calculate dates based on age at last birthday, etc. For these reasons, the recorded information often differs significantly from dates recorded in church registers or civil records. Remember too that these records have been transcribed, sometimes introducing additional errors due to difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting, which varies greatly in quality and style.
1860 US Census: No entry was found for Michael.

1870 US Census: Michael, 30, a laborer, was boarding at Brighton, MA with his sister Anastasia (Kelly) and her family.

1880 US Census: Image Source: Year: 1880; Census Place: Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: T9_531; Family History Film: 1254531; Page: 206.3000; Enumeration District: 214; Image: 0413; enumerated on June 9, 1880.

Michael and his family were living at 73 Sagamore Street in Lynn, Massachusetts. He indicated that he had been born in N.F (Newfoundland) and that his father was born in Ireland, but his mother had been born in Newfoundland. His wife, Mary A., was Canadian, however her mother had been born in Ireland.

Mikel (sic) Keefe 40 head retail grocer N.F. Mary N.* Keefe 33 wife keeping house Canada Edward J. Keefe 7 son goes to school Mass. John A. Keefe 5 son goes to school Mass. Mary S. Keefe 3 dau. at home Mass. William** C. Keefe 3m son at home Mass.

* This initial is actually A, but it was transcribed as N. ** Name blurred and not transcribed, but known to be William from birth records. --------------------------------------------------------------

1890: No census material for this year, however this record gives information on Michael. Source Information: Lynn, Massachusetts Directory 1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2001. Original data: Lynn, MA, 1890. Lynn, MA, USA: Murdock & Co., 1890.

Michael J. Keefe - Occupation: grocer - Business Address: 113 Sagamore Home Address: house ditto - City: Lynn - State: Massachusetts - Year: 1890 - Image Number: 0069 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

1900 US Census: Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Lynn Ward 4, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: T623 644; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 374.

Michael was living at 109 Sagamore Street in Lynn, Massachusetts with his second wife and two of his children from his first marriage. He is noted as being born in (English) Canada; his father being born in Ireland and his mother being born in (English) Canada. Michael indicated that he had come to the US in 1857. His second wife, Mary, had entered the US in 1874. She indicated that she had been born in (English) Canada as were her parents. It doesn't appear that Michael had any children from this marriage, however Mary indicated that she had had three children, one of whom had died.

Michael J. Keefe 62 Head Oct 1837 Canada (Eng) Dealer Groceries Mary Keefe 57 Wife Apr 1843 Canada (Eng) William C. Keefe 26* Son Mar 1880 Massachusetts Grocer (* age should read 20) Margaret A. 13 Dau. Mar 1887 Massachusetts At School ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1910 US Census: Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Lynn Ward 4, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: T624_585; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 382; Image: 62; enumerated May 10, 1910.

Michael was living at 109 Sagamore Street in Lynn, Massachusetts with his second wife and two of his children from his first marriage. He is noted as being born in (English) Canada; his father being born in Ireland and his mother being born in (English) Canada. Michael indicated that he had come to the US in 1857. In this census his second wife, Mary, indicated that she had entered the US in 1878. The census also indicated that the mother of the children (first marriage) was from Canada (French).

Michael J Keefe 71 Head Canada (English) Retail Merchant - Groceries Mary Keefe 64 Wife Canada (English) William C Keefe 30 Son Massachusetts Salesman - Groceries Margaret Keefe 23 Daughter Massachusetts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1920 US Census: Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Lynn Ward 4, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: T625_694; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 159; Image: 199, enumerated on Januray 2, 1920.

Michael, now a widower, was living at 109 Sagamore Street, along with his unmarried son, William. William had taken over the grocery business from his father. It is stated that Michael had come to the US in 1867 and become a naturalized citizen in 1872. Michael reaffirmed that his father had been born in Ireland and his mother in Newfoundland. William said his father was born in Newfoundland and his mother was born in Canada (English)

Michael Keefe 82 Head Newfoundland William Keefe 39 Son Massachusetts Salesman Grocery Store

Michael's son Edward and his family were also living in part of the same house. 
Keefe, Michael Joseph (I985)
5 A headstone in Aquaforte RC Cemetery says he died in 10 May 1872, however the baptism records show a child was born to him in Aug 1874. Condon, Robert (I1673)
6 All indications are that the Meaney family are descended from Francis Meaney, possibly the son of Thomas Meaney recorded at Ferryland in a pre-1800 court record. In the '1800 Census of Ferryland', Francis (Sr.) and Elizabeth (maiden name undetermined) Meaney were residents of Ferryland, along with their three children Thomas, Francis (Jr.), and Mary. My deduction is, shortly after 1800, another son, James, was born to Francis and Elizabeth. There is no evidence of any later children for this couple.

There was one other Meaney family who lived at Ferryland after 1813. In that year, Matthew Meaney, from Old Laughlin Parish, Co. Carlow, married Mary Bryan of Ferryland at St. John's. There is no indication that this couple had any children, and it doesn't appear that Matthew was related to Francis Meaney and his family. Likewise, there was another Meaney family who settled further south in Clear's Cove, Fermeuse, and started a business there. However, again it doesn't appear that they had any kinship with either of the two Meaney families at Ferryland.

After the 1800 Census, there were very few mentions of Francis Meaney Sr. and his family members. However, based on surviving court records, it appears that all male members of the family lived at Ferryland in the first four decades of the 19th century. The Surrogate Court Records of November 1, 1819, shows Francis Meaney (Sr. or Jr.?) as a juror in the Evoy vs. Callihan civil trial in Ferryland Supreme Court, on May 3, 1830, Arthur Holdsworth and Co. sued Francis Meany (again no Sr. or Jr. notation). In District Court at Ferryland, on February 23, 1835, Francis Maney (sic) (Jr.) is listed as a member of the petty jury in the Mahan vs. Connors case. The fact that the Jr. designation was used indicates that there were still two Francis Meaneys living at Ferryland in that year. None of the surviving records give any indication that Francis Meaney Jr. was married. However, it appears his brother, Thomas, was married. He died in 1835 while participating in the annual seal fishery. From the voter's lists, we learn that by 1840, James Meaney, the youngest son, was living at Caplin Bay.

Although the Meaney family are known to have lived at Ferryland during the four decades after 1800, they may have actually used fishing premises located on the north shoreline of Caplin Bay. We know that by 1837, James Meaney was fishing from these premises, established on the inner headland area known as Stone Island. James and his wife Mary (maiden name undetermined) had three children, Thomas, Francis, and Sarah, there in the 1840s. Their home was located along the roadway leading to the Athlone/Northside area of Caplin Bay. James is listed at Stone Island in the Caplin Bay voter's list from 1840 to 1859. A notation in the entry for the 1859 list indicates that James had died, either in that year or shortly afterward.

The use of the shoreline outcrop known as Meaney's Island dates back to at least 1752. A map, drawn up in that year by Edmond Scott Hylton, an engineer, and cartographer, shows the presence of a fishing room there, but no dwelling houses. Unfortunately, no records identify the owners of the fishing premises in that era.

At Ferryland, in 1840, a Francis Meaney was listed in the voter's list. In the ensuing years, there is no other mention of the surname until 1859, when a James Meaney was shown living there, on the headland area known as 'The Downs.' Research indicates that this James Meaney of Ferryland married at St. John's in 1856. He and his family initially resided at Ferryland but moved to St. John's about 1871. In 1871, at Ferryland, there was also a William Meaney. Research indicates that William (born about 1822) died at Ferryland in 1898.

Based on my analysis of the surviving records, it appears likely that James and William Meaney of Ferryland were sons of Thomas Meaney, who died in 1835 (son of Francis (Sr.)). Although inconclusive, several other Meaney individuals appear to lead back to this Thomas Meaney. Research indicates that James (of Thomas) has descendants living today in other parts of Canada and the United States. 
Meaney, Francis (I176)
7 Although Maher is a fairly widespread surname in Ferryland District, according to his death record Thomas Maher, who settled at Caplin Bay in the mid 1850s, was from Conception Bay. His wife, Bridget Barry, was born at Caplin Bay about 1815, according to her Vital Statistic death record. Thomas and Bridget had at least two sons, James and John. James appears to have left Caplin Bay between 1894 and 1898. John Maher, who was married with several children, also left Caplin Bay between 1904 and 1908. In the Newfoundland 1921 Census, John is shown living in St. John's West, having married for the second time.

We now know for sure that the Maher and Barry family were related but there also appears to have been a fairly close relationship, if not kinship, between these two families and (O')Briens of Caplin Bay. However, no evidence has been found that indicates the (O')Brien family were related.

Nonetheless, two O'Briens are shown as godparents at the baptism of two of John Maher's children and John Meagher is shown as the godfather of one of Michael and Bridget (O')Brien daughters in 1880. According to the late Pauline (O')Brien) Norris, at least one member of the Maher family used to visit her family's home at Calvert, long after they left there. 
Maher, Thomas (I828)
8 Although there is no surviving record of James Meaney's birth, the forenames of his sons, Thomas and Francis, suggest a strong connection to Francis and Elizabeth Meaney of Ferryland. In 1800, this resident couple had two sons, also named Thomas and Francis, hence my deduction that James Meaney, born shortly after 1800, was a son of Francis and Elizabeth Meaney.

In the 1837 Education Report for Ferryland District, in the Journal of the Newfoundland House of Assembly, there was a brief mention of "J. and Mary Meaney" of Ferryland. Although not listed as government-paid teachers, the report states that they received two copies of Primers from the school supplies allotted for that district. Apart from the mention of one other family (the Browns) who received Primers, all other school supplies were for the use of the government-paid teachers. This record is rather curious since it may tie in with some family lore that Thomas, son of James, was considered by some (including his daughter, Ellen) to be a schoolteacher.

After the 1840 voter's list, there is no other mention of any Meany voters at Ferryland again, until 1859. However, in all of the voter's lists for Caplin Bay (1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1859), James Meany is listed. The Road Reports of the Journals of the Newfoundland House of Assembly also mention that James Meany of Caplin Bay received several road-building contracts in the early 1840s. Later in that decade, as a consequence of the widespread destruction and the ensuing hardships caused by the Great Gale of September 19, 1846, James Meany of Caplin Bay received government-provided food items (mainly flour and molasses) distributed to needy families early in 1847. Later that year, James provided labour in a 'government-funded work for relief scheme'. Records show that James was part of a work crew, from Caplin Bay, involved in the replacement of a washed-out bridge over LaManche River along the main highway leading to and from St. John's.  
Meaney, James (I127)
9 Edward Keefe, a planter and male head of the household, is listed in Lovell's Directory for that year. Keefe, Edward (I987)
10 Immigration records show that Miss Alice Reddigan (20) and Miss C. Reddigan (18) were listed on the manifest of the SS Silva departing from St. John's on Nov. 14, 1903 for Halifax, NS and New York, NY. However on the manifest indicates that their final destination was Halifax, not New York.

Reddigan family folklore related by the late Tom Reddigan indicates that his Aunt Alice and cousin Catherine Frances went to the US at the same time. This information appears to match the 1903 immigration record information. However, in the 1910 US Census, Catherine's immigration year is recorded as 1907. In searching the immigration records for that year, there is also a record for a Kate Reddigan who arrived in New York, via Halifax, on May 15, 1907. However, there is insufficient information to determine whether this individual was Catherine Frances Reddigan of Caplin Bay or Catherine Reddigan of St. John's. At that point in time, some of the St. John's Reardigan family still used the Reddigan spelling of the surname. 
Reddigan, Catherine Frances "Kate" (I437)
11 It is not clear if Edward's place of birth, just given as Waterford, refers to the county or Waterford City itself. Keefe, Edward (I987)
12 NF050 : STJ21 HAYES, Thomas (1899) & Margaret & James - 2  Hayes, Thomas (I3217)
13 Per the 1799/1800 List of Residents, Inhabitants of Ferryland District, Matthew and Ann Ryan lived at Caplin Bay. According to this document, they had no children at that time. However, an analysis of surviving records appears to indicate that this couple eventually had two sons, Patrick and Thomas. As always, there is conflicting information that is very difficult to verify. For example, when their son Patrick died at Caplin Bay in 1881, a St. John's newspaper gave his age as 88 years. If correct, that information would indicate Patrick's birth year was about 1793. Since none of the Holy Trinity Parish records for that era survived, there is no way to verify Patrick's age.

In the same group of documents, we learn that Matthew Ryan's employer in 1800 was Matthew Morry & Co. However, during the previous year, he may have been working on his own as an independent fisherman. The 1799 Ferryland Court records indicate that he had fallen behind in his rent of a fishing room at Caplin Bay. This property was likely part of the Tree Plantation at the head of the bay.

According to the Ferryland District Court records, a few years later, Matthew Ryan also became a publican, likely to supplement his income so he could pay off his debts. In 1803, 1804 and 1805, the court granted Matthew a licence to sell liquor at Caplin Bay. Although not found in the court records, it appears Matthew may have continued as a publican. In Ferryland court, in May of 1808, a record shows that Matthew Rion (sic) [location not given] sued William Doyle for rent owed and for liquor supplied.

Matthew Ryan had died by 1823. Court records indicate that his wife, Ann Ryan, was renting a fishing room and premises in Caplin Bay, from Philip Tree, for £6 per year. This property included stages, flakes, beaches, a dwelling house, gardens, and lands. By 1848, her son, Thomas Ryan, was still leasing the same property, but before 1840 his brother Patrick had settled on the North Side of Caplin Bay. As evident from the Caplin Bay voters list, Patrick and Thomas Ryan were the heads of households in their respective areas. 
Ryan, Matthew (I1426)
14 St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery - Headstone HAGEN THOMAS JOSEPH - JUNE 28, 1946 67YRS S 174 Hagan, Thomas Joseph (I5343)
15 Supreme Court Records: October 14, 1833 - Benjamin Sweetland, Deputy Sheriff.  Sweetland, Benjamin (I1017)
16 The various surname spellings, Memo(e), Memmo,etc. in the United States records are likely phonetic renderings of the French Canadian surname Mimeau(x). Memmo, Jessica L. (I6044)
17 While John was Methodist and Annie was Roman Catholic, their marriage was performed by Roman Catholic clergy in Portland. Indications are that John did not convert to Catholicism at that time, however, he did convert to that faith the following year. This decision would have repercussions for him in later years when he was initially asked to become Prime Minister of Canada after the death of Sir John A. MacDonald. Family F2053
18 "A dispatch in yesterday's News from Ferryland states that Ben, the little three year son of Mr. Richard COSTELLO, was drowned at Caplin Bay on Sunday morning. With his Brother Dick, aged six, he was playing on the ice above the gut bridge and fell into the water. Being missed after a time friends started to search for them, and Dick was found in the landwash insensible. After a time he was brought back to life, but no sign of Ben's body has yet been found though neighbors are using every effort to discover the little fellow's remains."

The newspaper got the ages reversed.Ben (Shannahan) Costello (Dick's half brother) was actually six years old in January of 1904, and Dick was three years old at the time of this tragedy. No death record was found for Ben in the Newfoundland Vital Statistics, suggesting that his body was probably never recovered. 
Shannahan, Benedict "Ben" (I4532)
19 "Deceased 1/14/44" is written across WWII Registration Card. Coyle, Edward John (I6101)
20 "Deceased was "formerly of Ferryland." Funeral held from his residence on Theatre Hill, St. John's". His age, reported in the St. John's newspapers, was 87 years.  Saunders, Capt. William (I4273)
21 "Died, on Saturday morning last, after a lingering illness, deeply regretted by his brother Officers and acquaintance, Assistant Surgeon James Coulter Strachan of the Royal Veteran Companies, aged 33 years. - His remains were attended to the burial ground, yesterday, by a great number of the respectable inhabitants, and interred with Military Honours." Strachan, James Coulter (I4283)
22 "Erected by Robert SAUNDERS in Memory of his beloved mother, Frances, who died April 7, 1897 Aged 78 yrs. Also the above Robert Saunders, died January 17, 1898 Aged 36 yrs." This information was taken from a 1993 transcription.

Robert's Vital Statistic record says he was 41 years old.  
Sliney, Frances "Fanny" (I4234)
23 "Erected by Robert SAUNDERS in Memory of his beloved mother, Frances, who died April 7, 1897 Aged 78 yrs. Also the above Robert Saunders, died January 17, 1898 Aged 36 yrs." This information was taken from a 1993 transcription.

Robert's Vital Statistic record says he was 41 years old.  
Saunders, Robert (I4256)
24 "Martin (Culleton) survived and grew up to marry Ellen Cain in 1836. It was a large wedding with great doings, dancing and firing guns all night.  (Taken from Robert Carter's Diary)".  Cain, Ellen (I4546)
25 "Royal Gazette" St John's newspaper articles of the Ferryland District Early 1800's August 4, 1827 Shallow, Richard Petitioned for a grant of land in Fermeuse, Clear’s Cove. Shallow, Richard (I4976)
26 #2496, Nfld. Overseas Forestry Unit WW II. Clowe, Edward L. (I3761)
27 #3073 - Private - Royal NFLD Regiment - WW I. O'Toole, John Allan "Allan" (I130)
28 #3468 - Private - Royal Newfoundland Regiment - WW I. Enlisted 8-Feb-1917.  Ryan, Michael J. "Mike" (I417)
29 #4610 - Private - Royal Newfoundland Regiment - WW I. O'Toole, Francis Condon "Frank" (I129)
30 #5390 - Private - Royal Nfld. Regiment - WW I Hayden, John (I742)
31 #8352 Private - Newfoundland Forestry Corps - WWI Meaney, Basil Michael Joseph (I214)
32 1800 Census - Brigus South Robert Jordan Mary Jordan
James 14 John 12 Maurice 10 Robert 2 Joan 18 Margaret 16 Catharine 8 Elizabeth 6 
Jordan, Robert (I4525)
33 1859 - Voter's List - Ferryland District - Ferryland - James Meaney - Downs Meaney, James (I4293)
34 1864-1865 Hutchinson's Directory - St. John's: Aspell, James planter Aspell, Capt. James (I5977)
35 1873/01/22 Lovett, William & Maher, Bridget, alias Condon Witnesses: James Maher & Anne Brien. Priest: John Conway. Family F1254
36 1876/01/11 Walsh Richard Aylward Mary Richard Brien Anne RiceM.A. Clancy Cape Broyle Family F978
37 1877 ROCHFORT Business Directory - St. John's City District MORRY Benj. S., Collins block, Duckworth st Morry, Benjamin Sweetland (I966)
38 1880 United States Federal Census Name: Marie HALL Age: 49 Estimated birth year: <1831> Birthplace: NEW FOUNDLAND Relationship to head-of-household: Daughter Home in 1880: Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York Marital status: Widowed Race: White Gender: Female Father's name: Ben. SWEETLAND Father's birthplace: ENG Mother's birthplace: ENG Sweetland, Maria Selina (I1019)
39 1880 United States Federal Census Name:Ben. SWEETLAND Age: 89 Estimated birth year:<1791> Birthplace: NEW FOUNDLAND Relationship to head-of-household: Self
Home in 1880:Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York Marital status:Widower Race:White Gender: Male Father's birthplace: ENG Mother's birthplace:ENG 
Sweetland, Benjamin (I1017)
40 1894 McAlpines Directory - St. John's JOHNSTON, Jacob stonecutter h 28 Hagarty's Lane

Devine and Omaras - 1897 St. John's City Directory JOHNSTON JACOB CARPENTER 115 CIRCULAR RD

McALPINE'S 1898 Directory - City of St. John's District - St. John's Pages 248 - 261 Johnson, Mrs. Eliza, widow, h 114 Circular Road Johnson, Jacob, joiner, h 114 Circular Road

McAlpine's 1904 Directory - City of St. John's District - Listed by Street Address - Circular Road runs from King's Bridge to Allendale JOHNSON Jacob carpenter h 115 Circular Road

McAlpine 1913 City Directory - City of St. John's Johnstone Jacob S carpenter h 115 Circular Rd

1921 Census - St John's East - Pages 250 - 275 (Circular Road) Jacob JOHNSTON M Head Married 1871 June 50 Ferryland Susan JOHNSTON F Wife Married 1872 Nov 48 St Johns James H JOHNSTON M Son Single 1902 Mar 19 St Johns Florence JOHNSTON F Daughter Single 1905 Aug 16 St Johns Alexander JOHNSTON M Son Single 1908 Sept 13 St Johns Cecil JOHNSTON M Son Single 1910 Dec 10 St Johns Muriel JOHNSTON F Daughter Single 1912 July 9 St Johns

Stonepic Headstone Database: NF057 : STJ35 JOHNSTON, Jacob (1936) - 2 photos

NL Family History Cemetery Transcriptions - Forest Road Anglican Cemetery /ERECTED BY HIS WIFE/ IN/LOVING MEMORY OF/ JACOB JOHNSTON/ DIED SEPT 21ST 1936/ AGED 67 YEARS/ UNTIL THE DAY DAWNS/ 
Johnston, Jacob Samuel (I3560)
41 1898 Voters List- Victoria City; British Columbia - Swain, John, Brick Row, Sapperton, Carpenter, NWC Swain, John Joseph, Fire Hall, north side Pandora St, Carpenter. Swain, John Joseph "Jeffers" (I1561)
42 1900 U.S. Census Connecticut - Hartford - Other Townships - ED# 121 - Page 26 - Household of Richard and Jane Reddygan (sic) - Meadow Street

Richard Reddygan - Head - May 1835 - 64 - marr. 33 yrs. - b. Nfld - entered U.S. in 1891 - day laborer.
Jane - Wife - June 1845 - 54 - marr. 33 yrs. - b. Nfld - entered U.S. in 1891 - day laborer
John J. Welch Boarder - Apr 1872 - 28 - b. Nfld - entered the U.S. in 1892 - laborer
Ellen (Welch?) Boarder - Nov 1877 - 22 - b. Nfld - entered U.S. in 1898

Richard said his father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in Newfoundland; Jane said both of her parents were born in Newfoundland. The census also confirms that they never had any children. The census states that Richard had not worked for 3 months and Jane for 6 months, so it would appear that the boarders were their only source of income at that time.

The two boarders (John and Ellen) are noted as both being married, we assume to each other, although the census doesn't specifically state that information. In the 1910 Census, there is a Walsh family, living in Bristol, which appears to match this couple. By this time they had two children, a boy and a girl. A sister-in-law, Marie O'Toole (single and 33) and a niece, Elizabeth Devereaux (single and 23), were also living with John and his family. This verifies that Ellen's maiden name was O'Toole. Research by Enid O'Brien verifies that John Walsh was from Cape Broyle and was married to Ellen O'Toole from Caplin Bay. His sister, Mary Joseph Walsh, was married to James Devereaux of Ferryland. Elizabeth Devereaux appears to be their daughter, born in June 1885. She eventually joined the convent (Sisters of St. Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut), and died there on October 18, 1920.  
Family F245
43 1900 U.S. Census: Connecticut - Hartford - Other Townships - ED# 122 - Page 15 Household of John and Mary E. Johnston - North Main Street

John Johnston - Head - Feb 1866 - 34 - marr. 10 yrs. - b. Nfld - entered U.S. in 1889 - Laborer(clocks)
Mary E. Johnston - Wife - Feb 1866 - 34 - marr. 10 yrs. - b. Nfld - entered U.S. in 1888
Robert Johnston - Son - Oct 1889 - 10 - b. Connecticut
Donald Johnston - Son - Feb 1895 - 5 - b. Connecticut

John said his father was born in Scotland and his mother was born in Ireland; Mary E. said both of her parents were born in Newfoundland. The census also indicated that they had had a total of four children, two surviving, at that time. They were next door neighbours of John J. and Bridget Foley from Newfoundland. (This appears to be John J. Foley and Bridget Rossiter from Caplin Bay)  
Johnston, John Thomas (I301)
44 1900 Voter's List - Cape Broyle Coady, John Cape Broyle " 1900

McAlpine's 1904 Directory Ferryland District CAPE BROYLE COADY John fisherman

St. John's Daily News - September 23, 1907 John Coady of Cape Broyle, who has been working all summer in the whale factory at Cape Charles, arrived by the Portia Saturday morning. During the passage up, he became insane, and was very violent at times. He was taken to the Police Station yesterday, and will be examined by a Doctor today. 
Coady, John (I2871)
45 1901 Census - Victoria City, British Colombia - 37 Fort St.
- 06/34/15 Swain, John, m, head, m, 7 Apr 1854, 43, NF, to Can: 1889, RC, Farmer.
- 06/34/16 Swain, Lizzie, f, wife, m, 15 Jun 1874, 26, BC, RC.
- 06/34/17 Swain, Clifford, m, son, s, 29 Jun 1900, -, BC, RC. ??Rems: BRI: Dob entered as 29 Nov 1900. The census lists month as Jun.

The confusion over John's birth date and age continued into the transcribed copy of Victoria City 1901 Census records. It shows that John was born 17 Apr 1854. I looked at the original census page, and it clearly states that John was born on 7 April 1854. However, the age is shown as 43, which doesn't make sense. That would compute to a birth year of 1857/1858, not 1854. I am lead to conclude that he was likely born on April 7 1859, since his sister, Margaret, was baptised in July 1858.

It is also interesting to note that John said his "Racial or Tribal Origin" was Irish. This lends support to family lore that Robert Swain (his grandfather) was from Ireland. John's wife, Lizzie, gave her origin as German. Their son Clifford's origin is also given as Irish, indicating that the enumerator was using the paternal line as the origin noted in the census. 
Family F538
46 1902, Feb 13 Hagan, Thomas Joseph Hagan, James Fitzgerald, Louisa Thomas Hagan & Mary Hart John Walshe 1900, July 26 Hagan, Peter Hagan, Joe Powels, Louisa Ed Hart & Bridget Bowers John Walshe 1904, Apr 15 Hagan, Alphonsus Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Louisa James Dutton & Mary Reddy John Walshe 1905, July 23 Hagan, Michael Joseph Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Susan John Shaughnessy & Kate O'Neill John Walshe

July 30, 1907 Hagan, Anne Joseph Ignatius Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Louisa James Carey, Kate Dutton John Walshe May 25, 1909 Hagan, Edward Morris Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Louisa Nicholas Walsh, Sarah Hagan John Walshe 
Hagan, Joseph (I1433)
47 1907 Newspaper Look-ups from The St. John's Daily News

BOWDREN - At Bell Island, Sept. 26th, after a long illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Devine Will, Margaret Ann, beloved wife of Medelph BOWDREN, and daughter of Catherine and Constable Thomas GREENE, aged 24 years. A husband, father and mother, four brothers and sisters are left to mourn their loss. - R. I. P.

Margaret Ann, wife of Mr. Medelph BOWDREN and daughter of Constable GREENE, died at Bell Island, Sept. 26th, after a tedious illness. Deceased was only 24 years old, and expired at the day and hour of the first anniversary of her wedding. Deceased was a general favorite, and much sympathy is expressed at her early demise. 
Greene, Margaret Ann (I5066)
48 1908 Voter's List - Cape Broyle Morrissey, James Admiral's Cv 1908 Morrissey, James (I2969)
49 1908 Voter's List - Cape Broyle Morrissey, John, of James Admiral's Cv. --------------------------------------------------------

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Registration Location: Bristol and Newport County, Rhode Island; Roll: 1852213; Draft Board: 0. Name: John Joseph Morrissey - City: Not Stated - County: Bristol and Newport State: Rhode Island - Birth Date: 25 Apr 1877 Race: White - Roll: 1852213 --------------------------------------------------------- Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island; Roll: T625_1671; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 40; Image: 3.

John J Morrissey - Home in 1920: Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island - Age: 42 years Estimated birth year: abt 1878 - Birthplace: Canada - Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's name: Bridget - Father's Birth Place: Canada - Mother's Birth Place: Canada Marital Status: Married - Race: White - Sex: Male - Home owned: Own Year of Immigration: 1910 - Able to read: Yes - Able to Write: Yes

Household Members: Name Age John J Morrissey 42 Bridget Morrissey 36 James Morrissey 15 Helena M Morrissey 9 John T Morrissey 8 Genevieve M Morrissey 4 Christopher J Morrissey 2 4/12 ------------------------------------------------------------- Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island; Roll: 2169; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 557.0.

John J Morrissey - Home in 1930: Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island - Age: 53 Estimated birth year: abt 1877 - Birthplace: Newfoundland - Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's name: Bridget - Race: White

Household Members: Name Age John J Morrissey 53 Bridget Morrissey 44 Genevive M Morrissey 14 Christopher Morrissey 12

Tiverton, Portsmouth, Middletown and Little Compton Directory 1935 - Page 175 Little Compton, RI Morrissey John J (Bridget) gardener h Sakonnet Pt 
Morrissey, John Joseph (I3006)
50 1908 Voter's List - Cape Broyle Morrissey, Thomas Admiral's Cv 1908 Morrissey, Denis Admiral's Cv 1908 Morrissey, John, of Thomas Admiral's Cv 1908 Morrissey, Thomas (I2977)

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